Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Digital wallets: the emergence of MODO expands the ecosystem, but there are signs of consolidation by 2023

Created by the banks themselves, MODO has already reached one million users with a transactional-only business model, without granting loans or credit cards. The future and concentration according to the experience of other more developed markets.

Around 30 wallets share a market of more than 10 million users in Argentina. Last year, after a shift to digital financial services forced by the confinement, there was a true expansion of the ecosystem, with the landing of options such as ank -of Banco Itaú-, BIMO -a joint-venture between Clarín and Prisma- and Cuenta DNI, from Banco Provincia, among others. In any case, the great leap was made with MODO, created by the banks themselves, which in two months reached one million users (mostly due to the association of existing bank accounts with this wallet).

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América Latina · Convergence07/12/2023

Dell predictions for 2024 and outlook for Latin America

Generative AI, edge platforms and Zero Trust infrastructure will be trends for next year. The firm foresees a "technological renaissance" in the region thanks to these advances.

México · Software and Applications06/12/2023

A2P socioeconomic opportunity in Mexico

An event organized by Access Partnership highlighted the positive impact that this messaging market has on productivity and economic activity. In addition, it helps to democratize communications.

Globales · Spectrum05/12/2023

WRC-23: agreement for ESIM alrady exists

It is one of the first achievements achieved at the world radio communications conference. It covers both GEO systems (item 1.15) and Non-GEO systems (item 1.16 of the day's agenda). Looking ahead to WRC-27, the temperature of the debate over the identification of spectrum for MSS, on which the future of Direct-to-device depends, is on the rise.

Costa Rica · Software and Applications04/12/2023

Costa Rica seeks to create a safe and reliable digital ecosystem by 2027

That is the objective of the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023-2027, recently launched by the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications. One year after the cyber attacks that hit the ministries of Finance and Health, among other agencies, Costa Rica aims to radically change its situation in this matter.

Paraguay · Fixed Broadband · Operators · E-Government30/11/2023

Mintic to extend spectrum concession terms and will tender 5G in the second half of 2024

Gustavo Villate, Paraguay's ICT minister since October, analyzes the most important steps he will take to promote the digitalization of the government and improve the scenario for the private sector. He is looking for licenses to have a duration of 20 or 25 years. He is also negotiating with operators that have fiber the use of hairs for social functions.

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A DIARIO LATINO 09-12-2023

Globales · Software and Applications 07/12/2023

Google presents Gemini, its AI model

América Latina · Convergence 07/12/2023

Dell predictions for 2024 and outlook for Latin America

América Latina · Convergence 07/12/2023

Convergencialatina returns on Monday, December 11

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