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Andesa to launch its first satellite in 2023 with Astranis

The company has operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, with three teleports installed in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima. Its first own satellite, Andesat 1, will serve to provide coverage in Peru as part of the program “Te Conectamos Perú”, which serves remote rural areas.

Andesat is already working on the deployment of a cellular network for rural areas in Peru, under the figure of Rural Mobile Infrastructure Operator (RMIO) where they installed 100 cell sites that use spectrum from mobile operators. These first sites are operated by Telefónica, and as Pablo Rasore, CEO of Andesat, told Convergencialatina, they also hope to close contracts with Claro, Entel and Bitel. The expectation is to reach 154 sites in an initial phase (including the 100 already in operation): "by the time the satellite is launched we expect to have about 500 or 600 sites (each site is a town) and with the satellite we will reach more 1,000, "said the executive.

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América Latina · Satellites25/09/2023

Following merger announcement between Echostar and Dish, Hughes consolidates with new capacity in the region

Hugo Frega, General Manager for the Caribbean and Latin America of Hughes, shared the company's progress in the region after the launch of the Jupiter 3 satellite. The manager also highlighted the synergies with the Argentine operator Arsat and the opportunities that the company sees in that country as a result of the 5G tender and the recent merger between Echostar - the group to which Hughes belongs - and Dish, a process that will give rise to a global terrestrial and satellite wireless connectivity giant. In this context, Hughes is positioned as one of the main references in the sector in the region, both for its leadership in the manufacturing and distribution of terminals and gateways, and for its fleet of satellites and high-density payloads with coverage over the American continent.

Brasil · Pay TV14/09/2023

Brazilian pay TV seeks to be reinvented

With multiple problems and a 35% drop in the number of subscribers in the last decade, operators are looking for new business models with the aim of creating a new market.

Globales · Satellites25/07/2023

Multi-orbit satellite fleets: the alliance game is just beginning

The Eutelsat-OneWeb merger agreement, expected to be finalized in September, plus Intelsat's approaches to OneWeb and Eutelsat for in-flight services and connectivity agreements in Europe, and Viasat's purchase of Inmarsat, closed on May 30, are concrete examples of this trend.

Globales · Satellites19/07/2023

Direct-to-Device, first approach to Earth-Space convergence

Lynk Global reached a milestone last June, which accounts for advances in technology development, by enabling an MNO from the island-State of Nauru to provide services to its subscribers. AST SpaceMobile demoed 4G capabilities with speeds of 10 Mbps on common phones.

América Latina · Satellites11/07/2023

Jupiter 3 and new Small Sats to renew Ka-band capacity over the next two years

The availability of Ka-band services in the region has been expanded since 2022. There are already 18 devices, with the most recent ones launched by Hispasat, Viasat, SES and Intelsat. These will be joined in the coming months by the Hughes proposal.

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A DIARIO LATINO 26-09-2023

Brasil · Internet & OTT 26/09/2023

94% of schools connected to networks

Brasil · Regulation · Operators 26/09/2023

New poles proposal would have conflicting points for operators

República Dominicana · Regulation 26/09/2023

Indotel approves 5G spectrum auction general conditions

Argentina · Regulation · Operators · Spectrum 26/09/2023

Globales · Hardware · Regulation 26/09/2023

European Chip Law comes into force

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