Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Musk acquires Twitter and opens new scenario for social networks

It will apply substantial technological changes, such as open source algorithms, but also content policies, with authentication of only human accounts and elimination of censorship. The business plan points to a further expansion of Twitter based on transparency.

Finally, Twitter's board of directors accepted the offer of approximately US$44 billion to sell the company to Elon Musk. Now, the transfer of control to billionaire Musk raises questions about the future of the influential social media platform.

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Brasil · Software and Applications · Regulation27/12/2023

Projects to tax the income of Big Techs operating in the Brazilian market

A study by the University of Brasilia determined a potential tax revenue of over US$5.5 billion for the Brazilian Treasury, coming from the main digital services companies.

Perú · Operators18/08/2023

The three keys to Internet for All: one anchor operator, state regional networks and regulatory flexibility

These three factors come together in the success of the initiative. Convergencialatina interviewed Stalin Rivera, Head of Business Strategy, and César Huamán Bazán, Commercial Director, who explained that they already have contracts with Telefónica, the original partner, but also with Entel and Claro. In addition, they managed to add initiatives from the Canon por Cobertura program. B2B already represents 10% of total revenue and OIBDA is already positive.

América Latina · Submarine Cables · Terrestrial Backbones · Data Center13/04/2023

Carriers focus on connecting data centers as next demand big border

The approach of the cloud to the user is the main need to satisfy. The urgency of having the three basic components of any Data Center -space, energy and connectivity- is driving the advancement of the segment.

Cuba · Mobile · Convergence · Free to Air TV - TDT29/06/2022

Internet access has been stagnant for the last two years.

Data released these days by the Onei (National Statistics and Information Office) show little quantitative change in the connectivity of Cubans. A total of 7.5 million people have access to the Internet, with 6 million using cell phones.

Argentina · Internet & OTT28/06/2022

Should Internet networks be content-neutral, and vice versa?

The debate is how to reformulate or expand this concept. With more than 98% of the country's network traffic made up of video, which broke the previous balance dominated by telcos. How are the agreements between operators and Netflix, Google, Paramount+ and Amazon, among other content providers?

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A DIARIO LATINO 27-02-2024

Brasil · Internet & OTT · Operators 27/02/2024

Several ISPs interested in acquiring Oi's customer base

Chile · Terrestrial Backbones · Internet & OTT 27/02/2024

Entel launches fiber optic commercial offer after signing agreement with On*Net Fibra

México · Data Center 27/02/2024

AWS to launch infrastructure region in Mexico

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