Friday, June 24, 2022

Satellite Map Day 2022

For Orbith, GEO provides the best balance between bandwidth and price for residential segment

Pablo Mosiul, CEO of the satellite broadband firm Orbith, considered that GEO and LEO are a complement, rather than a replacement. “At Orbith we are trying to have both offers. We are in talks with LEO providers to complement GEO. We see the add-on in the higher ARPU customer segment, but GEO is still a good option for residential broadband. Today the best equation between bandwidth and costs is GEO HTS in Ka band”, he stated.

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Colombia · E-Government08/08/2022

Some 64 entities in Colombia already share information about X-Road

José Ricardo Aponte, technical leader of Digital Citizen Services at MINTIC's Digital Government Directorate, reported on the progress of the local interoperability platform after two years of existence. They are currently facing a proof of concept with Argentina to achieve cross-border data exchange.

Regional · Operators04/08/2022

Liberty Latin America balance grew hand in hand with mobile postpayments

The firm, which operates in the region with the C&W, Liberty, VTR and +Móvil brands, increased the number of cellular service subscribers with invoice by more than 100,000 in the second quarter of this year compared to a year ago. The company is focused on strengthening businesses that provide a continuous income flow.

Globales · Software and Applications · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions03/08/2022

Telefónica and Ericsson network slicing test marks new milestone in development of this technology

The Spanish operator and the Swedish provider achieved the dynamic partitioning of radio resources in an end-to-end automated 5G SA network for the simultaneous operation of three use cases of different demands. In addition, it specified definitions for the ecosystem of smartphones with Android 12 and 13 beta.

Argentina · Internet & OTT02/08/2022

Government points to neutral networks to connect towns with less than 500 inhabitants

The design phase would include a proof of concept in a selection of localities among 400 that are close to some node of the Red Federal de Fibra Óptica (Refefo) (Federal Fiber Optic Network). For ISPs, it could represent an improvement in the economic equation, although to participate they must ensure the connectivity of public bodies, primary care cof Ministers and the economic area, with Sergio Massa as Minister of Economy, affect it.

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A DIARIO LATINO 09-08-2022

Costa Rica · E-Government 08/08/2022

Security operations center to cost US$ 10 million

Colombia · Politics 08/08/2022

Mery Gutiérrez is the new ICT minister

Brasil · Smartphones & Devices · Operators 08/08/2022

Claro, TIM and Vivo have 8 million customers with 5G cell phones

Globales · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 08/08/2022

BT and Nokia successfully pass carrier aggregation test in 5G SA network

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