Thursday, September 15, 2022

Carriers Map Day 2022

GlobeNet and V.tal will invest US$ 6 billion over the next five years

This was stated yesterday by Gabriel Marteleur, GlobeNet Regional Sales Director, at the Carriers Map Day 2022 event. The destination of the disbursement will be the extension of the company's network in different countries of the region (they already have 26,000 km of underwater fiber from GlobeNet and 400,000 km of terrestrial fiber from V.tal), the completion of two Data Centers in Barranquilla and Fortaleza - and a third projected.

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Globales · Data Center · Operators22/05/2024

While everyone lowers Capex, neutral network operators raised it by 8% in 2023

It reached US$34.8 billion, according to a report by MTN Consulting. The largest investment corresponded to China Tower. Private funds are the most dynamic factor in the sector. The objective is to incorporate GenAI into the business model. The rise in interest rates hit cash flow due to its impact on the debt stock.

Globales · Operators21/05/2024

Spanish state achieves 10% in Telefónica and now Criteria Caixa seeks same objective

In this way, a "Spanish hard core" would be reached in which the BBVA stakes would also be added, which would reach 30% of the operator's share package, which would shield it against hostile takeovers,

República Dominicana · Politics16/05/2024

Three candidates are in contention to run for the Presidency this Sunday

It's about the current president, Luis Abinader, who is running for reelection and leads the polls to the point that he could win in the first round; followed by former president Leonel Fernández and former congressman Abel Martínez. ICT issues were not campaign focal points despite existing digital divides.

América Latina · Software and Applications · Data Center15/05/2024

It's time to make room for hyperscale

These providers are exploring local capacity alternatives in third-party facilities. One option is the data centers of telecom companies. For instance, Cirion, which plans to invest US$300 million in Latin America this year to strengthen its presence in the region in light of these requirements.

Costa Rica · Regulation · Politics14/05/2024

The geopolitics behind Costa Rica's National Cybersecurity Strategy

After a cyberattack in April 2022, the Central American country issued its National Cybersecurity Strategy, relaunched its CSIRT and excluded Chinese providers from the 5G tender.

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A DIARIO LATINO 23-05-2024

Costa Rica · Mobile · Operators 22/05/2024

Starting in July Kölbi to gradually turn off its 2G network

Colombia · Regulation · Spectrum 22/05/2024

MinTIC assigns low band spectrum to 18 companies

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