Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Electromobility: legislative debate becomes multidisciplinary and goes beyond incentives

While legislators are dealing with a bill in the Chamber of Deputies aimed at benefiting car factories, academics, entrepreneurs and industry players are proposing a broad vision of an ecosystem that includes the conversion of vehicles and the encouragement of investment and research. Meanwhile, initiatives are moving forward without waiting for the regulation, such as the 70 non-standardized electric vehicle charging stations already operating in Argentina.

The Sustainable Mobility Bill, which is currently being debated in the Chamber of Deputies, is the only one of the texts presented in the last six years that managed to maintain parliamentary status. It is currently being analyzed by the Budget and Finance Committee -since it demands a monetary allocation for incentives and benefits for the production and consumption of electric and hybrid vehicles-, and then it will continue its course to the Transportation and Environment Committees. It is expected that in these two multidisciplinary discussions -from the energy impact up to the regulation of charging terminals- will be added to the legislative debate.

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