Thursday, September 22, 2022

Catel, instead of going for frequencies, targets the goal of connecting people

The chamber that groups telecommunications cooperatives is evaluating to improve 4G coverage in small towns based on tripartite agreements between Catel, the MNO and end providers, with different investment and traffic distribution commitments. It is also making progress in the study of deploying Wifi Carrier networks.

During the ISPs Chaco Training Day, organized by Ecom Chaco and the Chamber of Closed Circuit Television Companies of the Province of Chaco (CCTV), with production by Grupo Convergencia, Sapem signed a letter of intent to start a sharing information to provide the MVNO service of the Chamber of Telecommunications Cooperatives (Catel) in the northern province. The service to end users would be provided by local cooperatives and SMEs and directly by Ecom.

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Globales · Hardware29/11/2022

Global chip market outlook for 2023 gloomy

Gartner assured that the industry will lose sales of almost US$ 30 billion compared to this year. There are two factors at play: oversupply and its flip side, sluggish demand, and a global economy affected by inflation, rising interest rates and an incipient recession. TSMC will reduce its capital expenditure by 10% in 2022.

Argentina · E-Government28/11/2022

Lessons from EDI pioneers: dynamic governance, horizontal information exchange, and laws accordingly.

Neuquén, which is the most experienced case, is joined by the initiatives of Catamarca and Chaco in the replication of data exchange on X-Road. It is important to generate legislation to support and promote the adoption of this horizontal information exchange methodology. In addition, the trends of a federal and even regional EDI are strengthened.

América Latina · E-Government22/11/2022

The paths followed by Latin American cities to become smart

In a panel held during the Eighth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, the experiences of Buenos Aires, Mexico City, São Paulo and Bogotá were discussed, as well as the problems faced by these initiatives in Chile. The points in common and their own definitions in the face of a concept that has changed over time.

Globales · Economy08/11/2022

Technology applied to climate and energy becomes new financial star

Five of the top ten venture capital financing deals in the third quarter of this year were directed at funding initiatives focused on technology applied to climate and energy. This despite a general drop in this type of operations. Government initiatives point in the same direction.

Argentina · Regulation · E-Government31/10/2022

Parliamentary action in telehealth refocuses towards technological appropriation by medical personnel

The human factor is taking center stage in the legislative debate regarding telemedicine, which has accelerated in recent months at the national level. The telehealth law could be passed before the end of the year.

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A DIARIO LATINO 02-12-2022

Costa Rica · Regulation · Spectrum 01/12/2022

No instructions yet for 5G spectrum auction

Cuba · Free to Air TV - TDT 01/12/2022

Digital television transition to begin in Pinar del Río

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