Monday, October 31, 2022

Parliamentary action in telehealth refocuses towards technological appropriation by medical personnel

The human factor is taking center stage in the legislative debate regarding telemedicine, which has accelerated in recent months at the national level. The telehealth law could be passed before the end of the year.

The Telehealth law could be passed before the end of the year, based on the bill presented by Mario Fiad, senator for Jujuy (Juntos por el Cambio), which has been approved by the Upper House and is being dealt with in the Chamber of Deputies. The Electronic Health Record bill is at the same stage, which led to a conference on "Digital health and innovation in Argentina: a parliamentary action plan", recently held in the Senate.

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Globales · Software and Applications23/11/2023

Generative AI speeds up health digitalization

The generative artificial intelligence app in the health sector has enormous potential for development. The key is that AI can interpret and provide coherence to information from disparate sources of unstructured data, something that abounds in healthcare. The potential market is 1 billion dollars globally.

América Latina · Regulation · Operators22/11/2023

Public-private partnership, axis for digital inclusion in Latin America

That was one of the conclusions of the "First Meeting for Digital Inclusion in Latin America", promoted by IDB, IDB Invest, CAF, Internet Para Todos and Telefónica Hispanoamérica. Peru's experience with Internet For All and the possibility of replicating its example in other countries in the region.

América Latina · Software and Applications · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions21/11/2023

Autonomous networks as goal of Cloudification

The implementation involves bringing the benefits of migrating workloads to the cloud to the Core of the network, the RAN, the OSS/BSS, and the antennas. In this approach, apps are built as a collection of independently and flexibly coupled services.

Argentina · Software and Applications01/11/2023

Progress towards a decentralized digital identity

After the experience of centralized apps, such as Mi Argentina, new initiatives towards decentralized models emerge. In the public sector, the City Government stands out, with its Quark ID Wallet. In the private sector, MIAid is committed to secure, private and simple identity management.

América Latina · IxP · Software and Applications23/10/2023

To alleviate shortage of IPv4 addresses, region debates possibility of renting them

At Lacnic 40, held this month in Fortaleza, Brazil, it was highlighted the fact that not only are there not enough IPv4 addresses to satisfy the region's demand, but also another 165,000 were transferred from this area to others in the world, accentuating the shortage. For some experts, the solution is not leasing but definitely moving to IPv6. Warnings of existence of black market.

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