Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Sharing agreements and investment funds mark the pulse of mergers and acquisitions

The outlook for sales and acquisitions in 2022 throughout Latin America has infrastructure as one of its mainstays. Brazil is the market where this process is most strongly and continuously noticeable. Telefónica was a forerunner in the neutral network business, with operations in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and now Peru.

Agreements to achieve a more efficient use of infrastructure, and buy-sell operations to acquire fiber networks, generated the main movements in the Latin American telco sector during 2022, and will be key in the expansion of fixed broadband and the support of 5G networks in 2023. Many of them, are promoted by investment funds, which are increasing their footprint in the regional market. Brazil is the market in bloom in this regard, with three central players of neutral networks - V.tal, FiBrasil, and I-Systems - as a result of the main merger and acquisition processes that have taken place in the country, together with the breakup of Oi.

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Cuba · Submarine Cables30/05/2023

Arimao cable highlights Cuba's challenges in accessing connectivity

The island must pay international connection fees in foreign currency, but it is not abundant. Additionally, US sanctions force them to seek more costly options than those indicated by economic logic. Despite the limitations, Havana is looking for new routes. With the Arimao, traffic has grown by 17%.

Argentina · Operators10/04/2023

For Telecentro, the operator of the future must solve AI services at home through alliances

The operator will have to solve the daily life of its customers and this role will be the driver that will reconfigure the industry in the coming years. FTTH will be irreplaceable and Internet providers, in addition to guaranteeing connectivity quality and adding content, must provide users with other types of services, such as AI at home

México · Operators14/03/2023

"By expanding our fixed networks we are preparing for the massive growth of 5G in Mexico"

Fernández Pendones explains the axes of the growth of the fixed telecommunications operator: expansion of fiber optics, a robust entertainment platform, growth of the footprint, development of the organization and high quality of customer service. Regarding the new mobile technology, they aim at being the carrier of the other operators as well as the edge provider.

Colombia · Fixed Broadband · Terrestrial Backbones · Economy · Operators08/03/2023

How logistics and supply chain impact on fiber optic deployment

In a context in which the demand for fiber optics is greater than the supply, Colombia faces the challenge of deploying this technology. But logistical costs are double those of Europe and the USA, in a scenario of price increases during the pandemic that has not yet been balanced. Among the options for mitigating these effects is the sharing of networks and infrastructure.

Uruguay · Fixed Broadband06/03/2023

Antel's response to the opening of the Internet market

The state-owned company improved its connection speed, both upstream and downstream, and expanded its fiber coverage in order to strengthen its position in the face of the arrival of five new competitors. The risk of betting on being the wholesaler and leaving the last mile for new entrants.

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A DIARIO LATINO 09-06-2023

Uruguay · Regulation · Operators · Spectrum 06/06/2023

Ursec delivers 3,600 MHz-3,700 MHz block to Antel

Perú · Fixed Broadband · Operators 06/06/2023

Telefónica appoints Deloitte to evaluate options for its fiber unit

Globales · Smartphones & Devices 06/06/2023

Apple's Vision Pro launch shakes up the market

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