Wednesday, May 22, 2024

While everyone lowers Capex, neutral network operators raised it by 8% in 2023

It reached US$34.8 billion, according to a report by MTN Consulting. The largest investment corresponded to China Tower. Private funds are the most dynamic factor in the sector. The objective is to incorporate GenAI into the business model. The rise in interest rates hit cash flow due to its impact on the debt stock.

MTN Consulting noted that capital spending by neutral network operators (CNNOs) expanded by 8% in 2023 compared to a year earlier, against a backdrop of widespread Capex declines in the telecommunications sector.

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Guillermo Stefanolo - Credit: Legatel

Guillermo Stefanolo - Credit: Legatel

América Latina · Economy02/07/2024

Guillermo Stefanolo: “Region lacks strategic thinking”

Convergencialatina spoke with Guillermo Stefanolo, telecommunications expert and head of Legatel, a consulting firm specialized in integrated engineering projects founded in 1999 and operating in the regional market. Stefanolo's experience includes having been part of the teams that worked on the strategic analysis of the privatizations of the 1990s in Argentina.

Uruguay · Operators06/06/2024

Antel Open Digital Lab prepares new “Challenge” for last quarter of 2024, focused on Edge Computing, IOT and AR/XR

Last week the first challenge was announced, together with Google Cloud. The technological development hub is a joint work of Antel, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, Uruguay Innovation Hub, ANII, CUTI and LATU.

Argentina · Software and Applications · Data Center04/06/2024

Generative AI changes data center investment priorities

Energy consumption to satisfy the needs of new technology accelerates investments that make this demand more efficient. Valuation now depends on the kilowatts consumed rather than on the square meters deployed.

América Latina · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions03/06/2024

“We see an opportunity in fiber deployment carried out by operators”

Fernando Manfrini, Neutrik Technology Business Manager for Latin America, spoke with Convergencia about the company's plans to expand in the telecommunication sector with complex connection solutions.

América Latina · Software and Applications27/05/2024

"Telecommunications companies seek to improve customer service"

Jesus A. Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer of Open International, spoke with Convergencialatina about the technological investments necessary for operators to have a 360-degree view of their customers. Cybersecurity is a new driver to advance in that direction.

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