Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Investments to deploy 4G to amount to US$5.3 billion

As from the 700 MHz band tender, awarded in May, Claro, which has 33.4% market share (12.2 million users until June), will allocate US$1 billion to extend its networks infrastructure and boost it until 2018. Part of this investment was obtaining spectrum to which OLO purchase was added. Entel will invest US$1.100 billion over the next three years to enhance its coverage. It has already allocated US$300 million of that amount to get its share of the 700 MHz spectrum. Entel is the operator with more proportional 4G users. 83% of its customers have this type of connection. To achieve this, they invested US$150 per customer.

Movistar, the market leader with 47.9% share, succeeded in getting 2,389 of its antennas to be implemented for 4G traffic to date, and it foresees that they will be 2,742 by December. Its investment plan for its infrastructure and digital transformation expansion project amounts to the sum of US$3.00 million. Meanwhile, Bitel (6.8% of marke share), did not win part of the 700 MHz spectrum, but it is investing US$ 00 million to implement 1,000 new antennas for its 4G connection basically focused on meeting demand in provinces and rural areas, with a deployment of 20 thousand kilometers of own fiber optic and other 13,500 kilometers of Azteca backbone network, with whom it has signed an alliance.

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