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Thursday, February 16, 2017

IoT reconfigures BSS systems due to new partners and need to ensure quality of experience

The number of connections promised by the Internet of Things is just the beginning of the changes that the operator needs to address in their OSS and BSS systems. The use of data captured by sensors, machines and other devices, the conciliation with new players in the ecosystem and the guarantee of QoE will generate the true impact on asset management, procurement, billing and other processes.

Becoming an Internet of Things (IoT) Player is essentially a digital transformation for the telecom operator. Among the various adaptations recommended day after day to  the telcos, the OSS/BSS systems (to a greater extent, the BSS) are obliged to evolve in three senses, as indicated to Convergencialatina from companies being providers of the segment.

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Virtual reality applied to education advances in professional training

Virtual reality simulators offer economical solutions for companies to train employees or educational institutions to generate more dynamic experiences in the classroom. A virtualized environment allows the recreation of experiences for a large number of people and avoids the possibility of accidents with employees or damage to expensive machinery.

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