Thursday, February 16, 2017

IoT reconfigures BSS systems due to new partners and need to ensure quality of experience

The number of connections promised by the Internet of Things is just the beginning of the changes that the operator needs to address in their OSS and BSS systems. The use of data captured by sensors, machines and other devices, the conciliation with new players in the ecosystem and the guarantee of QoE will generate the true impact on asset management, procurement, billing and other processes.

Becoming an Internet of Things (IoT) Player is essentially a digital transformation for the telecom operator. Among the various adaptations recommended day after day to  the telcos, the OSS/BSS systems (to a greater extent, the BSS) are obliged to evolve in three senses, as indicated to Convergencialatina from companies being providers of the segment.

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Regional · Spectrum05/12/2017

WRC-19 agenda already includes ultra high frequencies above 275 GHz

At the last meeting of the year of CITEL PCC II, the discussion about the bands above 24GHz for the deployment of 5G was resumed. And due to the constant demand of spectrum, the analysis of higher frequencies for fixed-mobile services is already beginning to be incorporated into the agenda.

Regional · Regulation07/12/2017

Latin America highlights need for Convergence Law

“La Convención Azul” first edition in Latin America left room to debate the quality of regulatory frameworks and contrasted the path of regulating by decree driven by the Argentine government against the decision of other right-wing governments, such as Mexican, Brazilian and Colombian, to think about a comprehensive reform for the ICT sector.

Regional · Satellites30/11/2017

HTS, innovations on beams and self-installable kits dynamize satellite broadband

The greater capabilities and the reduction of the capacity unit cost that guarantees an HTS satellite will be exploited in the next five years by all verticals –residential, business and mobility-, in what industry trusts will be a revolution in Latin America.

Brasil · Regulation23/11/2017

WTO defends the free trade of the great powers, while Brazil accommodates itself

The agency opened a case against the country for complaints by the European Community and Japan against programs to encourage local industry, among which are some related to ICT. Although the WTO already resolved to request changes and eliminations, the Brazilian government appealed and the process can be extended until October 2018. After that date, Brazil will have 90 days to proceed with the modifications.

México · Operators28/11/2017

Telefónica reactivates with investment announcement

The fiber optic deployment and the recovery of its revenues moderate the versions that the company halted its business in the country due to the possible sale of the local subsidiary.

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