La Revolución Móvil Latinoamérica 2019
Tuesday, January 08, 2019

CES 2019

Apple: the impact of the trade war between China and the US and the power of a brand

The company is news at CES 2019 despite its brief presence in the largest fair of consumer electronics in the world. To its huge advertising in Las Vegas making reference to the differential of security and privacy that the iPhone has against the technological proposals of other large companies such as Google and Amazon; one has to add the recent forecast of the company’s income decreasing as a result of the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the trade war that the Asian country has with the United States. But it also adds popularity because despite these battles, Samsung and Apple, for example, have signed an agreement to introduce iTunes in smart TVs of the firm of the South Korean company.

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In return, those interested in staying with the CFE network should first connect free public sites in the country.

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