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Thursday, March 12, 2020

"The automated vote was disastrous for the Dominican Republic"

Javier Ubiera, delegate of the Fuerza del Pueblo party, opponent of the current government, gave his versions of the events that occurred for the elections of last February 16. Those elections had to be suspended due to failures in the electronic system, in which more than US$ 18 million was invested. This Sunday, March 15, the elections will be completed, manually, while the controversy and investigations continue.

It is an election year in several countries in the region and 2020 for the Dominican Republic represents the period in which municipal mayors and a new president will be elected. The first had a specific date of February 16, for which the JCE (Central Electoral Board) assigned 16,405 electronic voting teams (called “automated” in that country) to the 18 demarcations planned for use (in other less popular areas, the expected vote was the manual); at the same time that members of the OAS (Organization of American States) and the IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems) had come to the country to check that everything went smoothly. For both the first and the primary votes, the amount invested reported by the JCE was US$ 18.6 million.

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Paraguay · Regulation · Operators03/06/2020

Protection of personal data in Internet providers in Paraguay

The Electronic Frontier Foundation carried out, together with the local NGO Tidec, the report "Who defends your data", which highlights preservation standards of private information of each company. Tigo obtained the best results, exceeding 50% satisfaction, while the state-owned Copaco and Vox showed the worst performance.

Regional · Data Center01/06/2020

Data Centers and energy efficiency: the ROI rate still prevails in actions to lower consumption

There are technologies that allow room temperatures to be managed up to 28 ° C. Other devices combine traditional and free technologies and manage to reduce consumption by up to 40%. Returns on investment can be from less than a year to 2 or 3 years.

Argentina · Internet & OTT28/05/2020

Brasil · Mobile · Satellites27/05/2020

Interferences with satellite TV obscures 5G spectrum tender

The need to expand guardbands reduces the 400 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band available to operators nationwide. The reformulation will take the contest to 2021.

Regional · Submarine Cables25/05/2020

Sparkle restructures its presence in Latin America with its foray into Google's Curie submarine cable

The purchase of a pair of fiber in the line that connects Chile with Los Angeles in the United States is added to the acquisition of three pairs in Seabras-1 in 2017 and spectrum in sections of the PCCS in Central America and the Caribbean. Carmine Sorrentino, company's Executive VP for Latin America, confided that between 60% and 65% of traffic stays in the region, compared to the 15% or 20% registered in 2000, when large cables of consortium were created.

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A DIARIO LATINO 04-06-2020

Colombia · Software and Applications 03/06/2020

SIC evaluates compliance of data protection on Covid-19 official apps

Paraguay · Regulation · Operators 03/06/2020

Protection of personal data in Internet providers in Paraguay

Brasil · Regulation 03/06/2020

Reverse with a "fake news" project in the Senate

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