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Thursday, April 16, 2020

High default rate, today main impact of pandemic on Peruvian market.

Peru was the third country in Latin America to have a mandatory quarantine to mitigate contagions: President Martín Vizcarra, who took a drastic and aggressive stance against the disease, ordered the isolation on March 15, and for the time being it will extend until April 26. After a first strong impact on the networks, today the unknown is placed on the survival of the sector: operators handle falls in billing of between 50% and 60% in March. This situation generated crossings between companies, the regulator Osiptel and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The Peruvian government faced the health emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak drastically and aggressively, with political and economic measures that exceed those of other Latin American countries, either in terms of time (a crucial factor in the mitigation of infections) such as of consistency. Indeed, Peru was the third country in the region to declare a State of Emergency -after El Salvador and Venezuela-, and the mandatory quarantine has been in force since March 15, and until April 26. Despite an surprising economic stimulus plan at the international level -US$2 billion, equivalent to 12% of GDP and the "“Quedate en tu casa” (Stay at your home) voucher, of US$110, for some 3.7 million families-, delinquency is already seen in the telecommunications sector, as a result of a highly informal economy: 65% of workers are part of this modality.

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Regional · Terrestrial Backbones · Operators02/10/2020

BT completes sale of its operations and infrastructure in 16 countries to CIH Telecommunications Americas

It includes 650 km fiber networks, 2,000 km of leased fiber optic lines, four data centers and five telecommunications ports. On the other hand, BT is licensed to provide satellite services in 11 countries.  

Perú · Terrestrial Backbones28/09/2020

RDNFO: MTC advances with Azteca license unilateral resolution procedure

The MTC decided to initiate the unilateral resolution procedure for the license of the backbone network: it will call a public hearing, which will probably be held in November. If this instance is passed in a favorable manner, six months must elapse until the termination of the agreement, as stated in the RDNFO contract with Azteca, whereby it could only occur in March or April 2021.

Argentina · Submarine Cables29/09/2020

Submarine cables tread in Las Toninas to be renewed with arrival of Malbec and extension of Tannat

These developments occur at a time of reformulations in the submarine cables segment in Latin America, after experiencing traffic increases of 25% to 30% on average in recent months, as a reflection of the pandemic.

Regional · Terrestrial Backbones15/09/2020

Argentine NEA and NOA provinces agree to a strategic alliance to develop the Capricorn Network

The announcement is an important political step to the public-private project by the governors of the provinces through which the network passes. It also occurs at a time of intense activity by the State in relation to connectivity.

Brasil · Operators03/09/2020

Oi partial sale may drive deep changes in Brazilian market

As from the approval of the new Judicial Recovery Plan by the creditors, the negotiations to sell the mobile business, the infrastructure business and the Pay TV business will be speeded up.

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A DIARIO LATINO 29-10-2020

Argentina · Internet & OTT 27/10/2020

Born to be global

Brasil · Operators 26/10/2020

Um Telecom prepares to operate as an MVNO

México · Operators · Spectrum 26/10/2020

AT&T returns spectrum due to a price hike

Chile · Mobile · Internet & OTT 26/10/2020

Chile has the lowest price of 1 GB in Latin America

Bolivia · Pay TV 26/10/2020

Turner interested in Bolivian soccer TV rights

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