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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

WiMax licenses to the rescue of 5G plans

The coronavirus also quarantined spectrum tenders. Without the possibility of competing for 600 MHz, AWS and 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz concessions that AT&T and Telmex extended in 2019 increased their price.

The COVID-19 crisis also rethought the plans of Mexican operators. In March, the IFT (Federal Telecommunications Institute) suspended the auction of 600 MHz and 2.3 GHz frequencies scheduled for the second half. Arturo Robles, IFT commissioner, justified the decision to revise auction dates because "they cannot take place in the contingency." The measure postpones bidding for frequencies in the AWS and 2.5 GHz bands in different regions of the country.

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Regional · Regulation14/07/2020

Post pandemic regulation in Latin America: universalization and cybersecurity, axes for new normality

Among the alternatives that are gaining strength in the region for the debate table after the health crisis are the minimum broadband speed regulations; strategies for access to devices sustained over time; and regulatory sandboxes.

Costa Rica · Economy · Politics30/06/2020

Dispute over the use of Fonatel's resources continues

The health and economic crisis triggered by Covid-19 originated a political and institutional dispute over the case of the National Telecommunications Fund. Among other effects, it led to the resignation of the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications Luis Adrián Salazar. Their effectiveness in alleviating the digital divide was also questioned.

Brasil · Mobile · Politics25/06/2020

5G Brazil - Politics fully enters into the discussion

The regeneration of the Ministry of Communications serves President Jair Bolsonaro to seek internal solutions to the possibility of impeachment and settle the situation of Huawei with 5G, externally.

Chile · Internet & OTT · Regulation22/06/2020

Chile renews debate on the Internet as a public service with the pandemic

Senator Juan Pablo Letelier, of the Socialist Party, presented during a virtual discussion organized by the Argentine Chamber of Deputies about the inequalities in coverage and quality evidenced in recent months, and their impact on the legislative discussion. Cybersecurity is strengthening as another parallel debate, not only for the protection of personal data, but in view of the China-United States conflict.

Uruguay · Regulation · Politics · Operators23/06/2020

Complaints, raids and suspicions in Uruguay

Antel and Ursec adapt to the "new normal" with drastic changes in leadership

The public company and the telecommunications regulator are going through troubled days, which came from the hand of the new government of Lacalle Pou. How were the three hottest months in the country?

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