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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Private networks for verticals: lobbies battle that is coming in the 5G era

The industrial private 5G raises as requirements the guarantee of coverage and performance, to be able to "orchestrate" multiple assets in motion within the manufacturing field, using multiple applications at the same time, with prioritization of traffic and in a safe environment. Mainly three models are being considered in Europe, Japan and the United States: “do it yourself” (DIY), in which the vertical is encouraged to face an implementation of a mobile network; those led by telcos and hybrids.

Non-public deployments (Non-Public Networks, or NPNs) of enterprise customers are seen as the great opportunity in the 5G mobile business, as an enabler of services that Wi-fi today cannot guarantee as real-time monitoring of assets, augmented reality and robotics, among other applications.

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Argentina · Operators11/11/2020

Telecom Argentina grows in broadband and pay TV accesses but falls in mobiles

The company added 78,000 fixed broadband clients between July and September adding a total of 4.2 million in Argentina, almost four times more than the new ones in the second quarter of 2020.

Regional · Mobile05/11/2020

Cybersecurity: people at the center of the scene

Experts from Millicom, Araxxe and Positive Technologies debated yesterday at the event "Cybersecurity to guarantee income in the new normal", organized by Convergencialatina.

Regional · Operators21/10/2020

América Móvil's earnings increased 44.6% in the third quarter

At the end of the confinement in most of the countries, there was a rebound in commercial activity that allowed an income improvement of 4.7%.

Argentina · Internet & OTT27/10/2020

Born to be global

The video game industry exported US$ 57.6 million in 2019 and continues growing. Every 5 years a new company appears that goes out into the world. The latest success story is that of Etermax with Trivia Crack. After acquiring Performash, Máximo Cavezzani's firm plans to double its AdTEch area this year.

Globales · Operators29/10/2020

Telefónica registers losses of € 160 million in the third quarter

The pandemic, changes in the exchange rate and a sharp deterioration in Telefónica de Argentina influenced the results. Revenues reached € 10.461 billion. Capex fell 58.9%

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