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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

NPlay Southern Cone 2021

Tecnored highlighted use of POL as an alternative to traditional LAN network deployments

The acronym POL refers to Passive Optical LAN and constitutes a new LAN technology based on PON. It was highlighted during the presentation of Cristian Ramírez, Commercial Manager of Tecnored; and Germán Gómez Mallo, Huawei IP Network Solution Manager, yesterday on the first day of NPlay Southern Cone 2021. Among its main attributes are the simple architecture and its strightforward evolution (one fiber for multiple services and bandwidth updates without the need for changes in wiring).

As Gómez Mallo commented, “by using POL, the deployment of GPON within a building, the wiring, is reduced whereby the service is more efficient. In education, hotels and hospitality, it is doing very well, with a fiber that reaches every room”.

Compared to a “chimney networks” structure, with multiple cables, a single fiber network is installed, with less wiring. Thanks to this, the saving in TCO is between 23% and 25%.

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