Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cancellation of the rearrangement at 3.5 Ghz puts on hold Peru's path to 5G

In March, the MTC concluded the process to evaluate other forms of frequency allocation, in response to a suggestion from Osiptel, which recommended to tender the band. The MTC now "recalculates" and evaluates options: among them, it could move forward with a "relaxation" of the reservation of the band, so that operators with frequencies there (Telefónica, Claro and Entel) can use them for mobile data.

The resignification in the regulatory and public policy spheres in the post-pandemic should pay attention to an initiative that was praised internationally, but which was canceled even before the Covid-19 outbreak: in early March, the MTC concluded the 3.4-3.6 GHz spectrum rearrangement process, to evaluate other forms of frequency allocation, in response to a suggestion from Osiptel, which recommended to tender the band.

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Uruguay · Regulation28/04/2021

Uruguay begins designing a 5G auction

Mercedes Aramendía, URSEC (Communications Services Regulatory Unit) head, spoke with Convergencialatina about the regulator's plans for this year. The idea is to advance over 3.5 Ghz, with 100 Mhz blocks. Meanwhile, connectivity mapping is underway and a kind of sandbox of 26 Ghz tests with Claro, Movistar and Antel are advancing, albeit at a slow pace.

Paraguay · Regulation · Spectrum27/04/2021

Paraguay works on channeling bands to award 5G spectrum in 2024

Juan Carlos Duarte Duré, Conatel president, highlighted in an interview with Convergencialatina that the regulator's work targets localities relatively far from large urban centers, due to lack of coverage, and national routes. In addition, the entity wants to implement software to geolocate positive Covid-19 cases.

Argentina · Regulation · Economy26/04/2021

Electromobility awaits a law that guarantees a sustainable park in 20 years

While the fine print of the new norm is being discussed in the Argentine Congress, the promises of President Alberto Fernández collide with the doubts of traditional car manufacturers, for whom the country lacks scale to promote a comprehensive plan, which includes manufacturing of batteries, due to the lack of state financial backing.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Pay TV · Regulation · Politics16/04/2021

ICT chambers request authorization to raise rates by 15% due to cost increases and inflationary projection

Argentina · Regulation · Politics14/04/2021

Ambrosini pledged to guarantee equal rules in municipalities

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A DIARIO LATINO 15-05-2021

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Internet & OTT 14/05/2021

Internet Virtual Day 2021 event to be held on Monday and Tuesday next week

Perú · Operators 14/05/2021

MVNO Suma Móvil starts actvities

Bolivia · Pay TV · Operators 14/05/2021

During the pandemic Cotel lost 40% of pay TV subscribers

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