Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Geolocation tracking technologies and their persistence beyond Covid-19

Applications for Smart Cities are one of the areas of opportunity for these developments, which today measure social distancing to prevent infections but aim at monitoring public or private transport, retail or wholesale logistics, among other businesses. Latin American firm Ombú Tech Services is looking to install the Turbine solution in the region, from Norway's Unacast.

Turbine is a solution from the Norwegian company Unacast based in Oslo and New York. In the United States, it runs the Social Distancing Control Board, designed to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic and help public and private entities to even predict its future recovery. Ombú Tech Service, based in Miami, distributes the solution in Latin America, focusing on two sectors: firms that seek to better understand people's social behavior through Unicast technology for social and human movement and social distancing (public transport or private, retail or wholesale logistics); and another, which has already been applied by Norway in Europe and Africa, directly with telecommunications companies.

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Colombia · Mobile · Operators10/06/2021

Wom replicates its strategies applied in Chile and aims to change the style of competition in Colombia

After completing interconnections with existing operators, a process in which the CRC had to intervene, Wom's project is to have 8,000 antennas in the next three years and arrive with 4G coverage in 1,100 municipalities. The merger with Avantel opens up a question mark about Wom's status as an "entrant" in the market.

Argentina · Smartphones & Devices16/06/2021

Mirgor invests US$500,000 in a Quantum smartphone production line in Tierra del Fuego

It is a brand of the Brazilian company Positivo Tecnología. Some 30 people are working on the manufacture of two models for the low-end, to which others will be added during the rest of 2021 and 2022.

Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications · Operators11/05/2021

Remote management of luminaires: Argentine cities already take advantage of power savings and improved efficiency

The control and monitoring of the light points is consolidated as a first step in the constitution of a Smart City. It generates data and infrastructure capable of being used in other smart city verticals. In addition, as it is an already mature market in technological terms, it is experiencing its own evolution from 3G and 4G to NB-IoT, which will lead to greater economic viability.

Costa Rica · Convergence · Regulation · Operators · Spectrum17/05/2021

Costa Rican operators ask that 5G band tender be complete

While the Government aims to make several tenders related to this deployment, from the private sector they question that view and ask for a single bidding

Argentina · Internet & OTT26/05/2021

Digital wallets: the emergence of MODO expands the ecosystem, but there are signs of consolidation by 2023

Created by the banks themselves, MODO has already reached one million users with a transactional-only business model, without granting loans or credit cards. The future and concentration according to the experience of other more developed markets.

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A DIARIO LATINO 22-06-2021

El Salvador · Economy · Politics 22/06/2021

Brasil · Regulation · Operators 21/06/2021

Anatel authorizes Claro to create a tower company

México · Operators 21/06/2021

MVNOs double their market share in one year

Chile · Terrestrial Backbones · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

National Economic Prosecutor's Office approves the sale of Movistar's fiber optic subsidiary to KKR

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