Monday, November 09, 2020

The new normal for SMEs and cooperatives began with the pandemic

Among the challenges that 2020 brought to these companies in Argentina, we can highlight an increase in total internet traffic, a rise of an average of 40% in upload traffic, devaluation, the need to charge online, transportation and logistics of equipment, and more recently, the unforeseen DNU 690.

The pandemic triggered the demand for Internet access in homes. Although the regions did not have the same behavior, this is what stands out according to a federal survey carried out by Convergencia  for its Document on Cooperatives and SMEs 2020. The survey of ISPs from the Convergence Services Monitor carried out by Convergencia Research, between March and June, reveals that 82% of the Internet providers surveyed increased their number of broadband clients and in 60% of the cases the increase was greater than that projected before the pandemic. The average increase in subscribers was 20% in one quarter. The impact on pay television was different, which remained stable or with slight decreases, according to the cable operators' responses, a scenario generated by competition or the economic crisis, rather than the effect of cord cutting.

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Globales · Operators25/02/2021

Telefónica increased net profit by 38.5% in 2020 and managed to reduce debt by €2.516 billion

Revenues amounted to € 43.076 billion, 11% less than in 2019 due to currency devaluation and Covid-19. The pandemic had an impact on revenues of €1.905 billion last years: Hispam takes the worst share among Telefónica's operating markets, with an impact of €670 million. Thanks to the cash generation (€4.794 billion), Telefónica's net financial debt contracted and totaled €35.228 billion. Regarding the destination of Hispam, in the presentation of results, reference was made to a “gradual reduction of exposure to Hispam” and was announced that the portfolio in the region is being reviewed.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Operators10/02/2021

Interview with Damián Maldini, CEO of the Argentine operator

IPLAN seeks to get into 5G mobile service

To the waiting for spectrum to provide mobile services with the 5G network it is added the expansion of its fiber network, integration with third parties for OTT and home automation and the incorporation of the outsourcing service as the other 3 lines faced by the company.

Regional · Operators10/02/2021

América Móvil's net income grew 79.6% due to fixed broadband business and strengthening of Mexican peso

The operator's results for the fourth quarter show signs of recovery, even with new containment measures in several of the countries where it operates. In any case, the income drop (-3.1%) is still maintained. For the entire fiscal year 2020, América Móvil reported a 30.8% decrease in net income and stability in income (+0.9%).

Argentina · Operators03/02/2021

"Current conditions do not make the operation in Argentina sustainable in 2021"

While preparing 5G tests for this year, América Móvil's subsidiary summaries the investments for 2021 based on game rules that were defined “unilaterally” and without technical grounds, in relation to DNU 690 regulations. In 2020 the operator exceeded 2.2 million households with their fiber network: the goal for the coming year is tied to macroeconomic conditions and income sustainability.

Argentina · Operators01/02/2021

Telecom aims for an ecosystem of platforms

"We intend to continue investing on the 5G network when the technical and regulatory conditions are in place, but clearly it will be necessary for us to do a very tight planning to be able to deploy infrastructure, considering that the regulatory context, after the publication of DNU 690, interferes with the main sustainability variable of the business, such as prices," explained the executive.

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A DIARIO LATINO 08-03-2021

Argentina · Software and Applications · Politics 05/03/2021

Buenos Aires province agrees with WhatsApp to notify vaccine appointments

Perú · Operators 05/03/2021

Claro launches 5G plans in Peru

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