Thursday, February 18, 2021

NEC Argentina CEO, Tomohiro Nomura

"We must start adjusting networks with Open RAN from now on, before reaching 5G"

The Japanese company NEC is actively participating in the pioneering case of Open RAN in a deployment of national operator, Rakuten, in its home country, and the experience serves as a sample for its subsidiaries around the world.

In 2019, Rakuten installed a multi-vendor RAN, with equipment from Airspan, Altiostar, Mavenir and Nokia, among others, for LTE, and in 2020 it developed its network towards a 5G NR, with NEC radios. Following this milestone of having jointly developed a fully virtualized and native Cloud mobile network, the Japanese firm announced an agreement by which they will develop a Stand Alone network platform and sell it to third parties. Beyond the sound footprint on Open RAN - which already unbalances the status quo of traditional network providers by its own conception - this movement is disruptive because it places Rakuten in a new position in the industry, as a telco and a vendor at the same time, from the hand of its partner NEC.

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