Monday, February 22, 2021

Costa Rica´s president, more and more complicated in the Data Analysis Unit case

Carlos Alvarado's statements before the Legislative Assembly have further complicated his situation. The opposition accuses him of espionage, since the UPAD functioned for a year and a half without public knowledge of its existence.

Costa Rica president, Carlos Alvarado, appeared before the investigative commission in the case of the Presidential Data Analysis Unit on February 10. Some of his statements brought concern to those present. For example, he acknowledged that the norms that guarantee the correct storage and protection of confidential information of Costa Ricans were not applied. He also added that he does not know where these data are located or who had access to them.

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Argentina · Regulation · Politics08/03/2021

A 2021 under new rules of the game

For the upcoming months, intense activity is expected in relation to the passive infrastructure sharing regulation, the general one for pay television services through physical and/or radio and satellite link, and a single access simplification system in which the Secretary of Public Innovation works to accelerate deployments at the municipal level.

Colombia · Regulation · Spectrum04/03/2021

Conditions for the 5G auction will be ready in the second half

ANE (National Spectrum Agency of Colombia) director, Miguel Felipe Anzola, spoke with Convergencialatina about the priorities of the Action Plan 2021, which includes the management of spectrum of the 6 GHz band. The conclusions of the consultation on Wifi 6 will be available in the coming weeks. "Together with the MinTIC we seek to modernize procedures for spectrum management, which is increasingly in demand," he said.

Argentina · Politics02/03/2021

Alberto Fernández announces two bills to encourage electric mobility

The Argentine president yesterday inaugurated the legislative sessions in Congress. He argued that it is a priority for Argentina to integrate into global value chains through 4.0 technology, so the administration is preparing a series of projects to "boost the knowledge structure."

Brasil · Mobile · Politics · Spectrum01/03/2021

The victory of politics over technology

The tender specifications for the 5G spectrum tender clearly show how political needs of the Bolsonaro government prevailed over technological reasons.

Uruguay · Fixed Broadband · Pay TV · Free to Air TV - TDT · Regulation · Politics24/02/2021

Media Law in Uruguay: concentration of power and broadband for cable operators, at the center of discussions

The ruling party rushes the parliamentary agenda to approve its modification in the first semester.

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A DIARIO LATINO 09-03-2021

Argentina · Internet & OTT 08/03/2021

DirecTV agreed to offer its OTT with Totalnet

Perú · Operators 08/03/2021

Entel launches its 5G commercial plan

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