Thursday, April 01, 2021

5G deployment to consolidate regional providers

Substantial changes in the Brazilian market are expected from the spectrum contest and Small Port Providers (PPPs) will be a fundamental element to develop digital connectivity throughout the country. With a total of more than 36 million fixed broadband accesses, Brazilian PPPs already reached 35% of the market.

In June of this year, the spectrum tender to implement 5G in Brazil will be held and a large part of the executives and analysts of the telecommunications sector agree that it will be a historic date. Not only because of the scope of this contest but, fundamentally, because they consider that it will clearly mark a new course for the market based on the new services and, above all, due to the consolidation of Small Carriers (PPPs) as a dynamic and fundamental element for the digital connection of the country.

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Perú · Mobile · Fixed Broadband · Operators20/04/2021

Particular strategies for debut of commercial 5G over 3.5 GHz

Entel and Claro launched commercial offers for FWA fixed internet in early March, while Telefónica focuses on fiber deployment. Last week, the MTC authorized the deployment for mobile services and Entel and Claro immediately started up.

Regional · Convergence · Internet & OTT · Politics19/04/2021

Central America and the challenge of sustaining education in times of pandemic

Governments took initiatives that include state investment and agreements with private parties for the development of educational platforms. WhatsApp stands out among the most used apps in the region. The problem faced by all countries is the delay in their economic and social development.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Operators14/04/2021

Neutral networks to be instrumental in leveraging broadband growth

Argentina · Fixed Broadband14/04/2021

NPlay Southern Cone 2021

Keys to open networks: low cost, rapid deployment and commercial immediacy

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A DIARIO LATINO 15-05-2021

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Internet & OTT 14/05/2021

Internet Virtual Day 2021 event to be held on Monday and Tuesday next week

Perú · Operators 14/05/2021

MVNO Suma Móvil starts actvities

Bolivia · Pay TV · Operators 14/05/2021

During the pandemic Cotel lost 40% of pay TV subscribers

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