Thursday, April 15, 2021

NPlay Southern Cone 2021

Daily webinars and training to accompany small ISPs forced digitalization

The strong increase in the demand for connectivity that occurred last year and that continues even now, with the pandemic and social isolation measures, forced the small ISP segment to train in digitalizing internal processes. “The quarantine hit us like a blow”, recalled Rodolfo Bianchi, vice president of the Cámara Argentina de Pequeños Proveedores de Internet (CAPPI), (Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers), in a panel during the third day of NPlay Southern Cone 2021. In one of the less “sweetened” speeches of the virtual meeting, Bianchi expressed: “People believe that the small ISPs were favored by the quarantine. I would say that was the case when it comes to growth since April 2020 sales were double by those of April the previous year, but that represents a growth, at best, of 1%. The problem was that we had a much higher consumption in our networks and that hit us hard. Costs increased, but revenues did not. While the telephone companies charge the data packages per mega consumed, we generally have a flat rate”, explained Bianchi.

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Argentina · Software and Applications17/06/2021

Agtech, fertile ground for next Argentine unicorns

The big data behind e-commerce in agriculture expands financing for small producers. The strongest impact is on the purchase of inputs, machinery and seeds, although new ventures such as crypto barn are emerging.

Argentina · Software and Applications · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions11/06/2021

Corporate Internet: Decentralized production modality made it necessary to reorganize IT resources and put focus on security

The new needs of companies, plus the uncertainty of the scope of changes caused by the pandemic, led suppliers to give customized responses, especially linked to cloud services, dedicated access and virtualization.

Globales · Software and Applications13/05/2021

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SQream's cases with Tier-1 mobile operators from South Korea and Thailand on their 5G networks

Claudio Nijamkin, Sqreamtech's VP of Sales for CALA, presented the implementations of SQream through its data acceleration platform in the operators LG U+, from South Korea, and AIS, from Thailand, in a virtual event held yesterday together with Convergencia

Regional · Data Center18/05/2021

Energy efficiency: it generates a Capex increase of 15% but saves up to 40% in consumption

For there to be a breakdown in energy consumption, data center companies must stop focusing on costs and incorporate the new tools available.

Argentina · Data Center20/05/2021

Data Center sector prepares for Edge Infrastructure demand

Distributed architecture is the perspective taken by new developments, including interconnection at the edges rather than towards the center. The objective is to lower the latency and give a faster response to the client.

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A DIARIO LATINO 22-06-2021

Brasil · Regulation · Operators 21/06/2021

Anatel authorizes Claro to create a tower company

España · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

Telefónica launches its music service already tested in Latin America

México · Operators 21/06/2021

MVNOs double their market share in one year

Chile · Terrestrial Backbones · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

National Economic Prosecutor's Office approves the sale of Movistar's fiber optic subsidiary to KKR

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