Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Uruguay begins designing a 5G auction

Mercedes Aramendía, URSEC (Communications Services Regulatory Unit) head, spoke with Convergencialatina about the regulator's plans for this year. The idea is to advance over 3.5 Ghz, with 100 Mhz blocks. Meanwhile, connectivity mapping is underway and a kind of sandbox of 26 Ghz tests with Claro, Movistar and Antel are advancing, albeit at a slow pace.

The year 2020 in Uruguay was a year of changes and adaptations. The Covid-19 pandemic coincided with a government that had barely been in business for days, and in the telecommunications sector, the shaking in Antel and Ursec due to irregularities and complaints against authorities was added to an already complex scenario.

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Costa Rica · Regulation09/06/2021

Costa Rica seeks to modify its Data Protection Law

There are several initiatives, which have emerged in the last six months that aim to change the regulation. Among the proposals are the strengthening of sanctions, setting a minimum of 15 years to consent to the processing of personal data and restructuring the Prodhab (Agency for the Protection of Inhabitants' Data).

México · Politics16/06/2021

Mid-term elections in Mexico: a tepid ruling party victory over weak opposition

On June 6, a vote was cast to renew 500 members of the House of Representatives, governors of 15 states and some 20,000 local positions. Although Morena, the governing party, won the competition, it was not enough to reach the qualified majority in the House, which was the maximum objective. All in all, the governing coalition was consolidated after three years in office and is looking good ahead of the 2024 presidential elections.

Colombia · Regulation25/05/2021

CRC to verify 23 proposals received for the first regulatory sandbox in Latin America

The regulator has until June 17 to investigate the submitted projects. The start to test is scheduled for October 1. Until now, the United Kingdom was the pioneer in introducing this model in the fintech sector and South Korea was the first to extend the mechanism to the ICT field.

Colombia · Economy · Politics31/05/2021

MinTIC’s projects to reactivate the Colombian ICT sector

In the midst of the deep socio-economic crisis, the entity is implementing 11 training programs for professional human resources linked to ICT and promotes the digitization of companies, with a US$ 253 million investment. In addition, US$ 84 million will be disbursed in public TV during 2021.

Perú · Politics03/06/2021

Elections in Peru: a ballotage loaded with ghosts

This Sunday they will decide who will occupy the Government Palace in the next four years. Both Pedro Castillo, from the leftist Peru Libre, and Keiko Fujimori, from the right-wing Fuerza Popular are fighting for first place. Polls indicate that there is a technical tie.

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A DIARIO LATINO 22-06-2021

Brasil · Regulation · Operators 21/06/2021

Anatel authorizes Claro to create a tower company

España · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

Telefónica launches its music service already tested in Latin America

México · Operators 21/06/2021

MVNOs double their market share in one year

Chile · Terrestrial Backbones · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

National Economic Prosecutor's Office approves the sale of Movistar's fiber optic subsidiary to KKR

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