Monday, June 21, 2021

The break between the network and content

Pure OTT allows the operator to have an independent product to sell not only to the end user but also to ISPs that do not have their own TV services. DirectvGo is so far the only one of this category available in Argentina, although Telefónica is expected to launch a similar strategy soon with Movistar Play. However, it still has to motivate the use of the platforms and alliances with international production companies, which seems to be the most effective way.

In 2020 Movistar launched its OTT strategy through two lines, which it maintains through separate business models: with Movistar Play as a linear TV product, called Movistar Pack Tele, and with the incorporation of Play Box, which turns TV into Smart, emerged as a combo with the fiber, that adds 200,000 clients. The first is a TV service that includes 100 HD signals and the possibility of adding Pack Fútbol, HBO Pack, Fox Premium and Amazon Prime Video. The Play Box, with a Movistar interface (on Android), allows the user to download apps, such as Netflix or Amazon, or music.

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Regional · Satellites08/12/2021

Andesa to launch its first satellite in 2023 with Astranis

The company has operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, with three teleports installed in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima. Its first own satellite, Andesat 1, will serve to provide coverage in Peru as part of the program “Te Conectamos Perú”, which serves remote rural areas.

Globales · Satellites09/11/2021

Consolidation in the satellite sector

Viasat buys Inmarsat for US$ 7.3 billion

Once the transaction is carried out, Viasat will have a total fleet of 19 satellites in Ka, L and S bands, and ten new devices that will be added in the next three years. Inmarsat thus concludes a stage of profound changes in its leadership and strategy. The integration of Inmarsat will strengthen Viasat in the government and maritime sectors.

Globales · Satellites · Spectrum25/10/2021

Starlink deployment breaks the status quo in 12 GHz band

US regulator will soon issue a decision on the use of that portion of the spectrum. The satellite firm claims exclusivity in its use, to the detriment of current licensees with MVDDS technology. But it's not the only fight by Elon Musk's company for the space business

Argentina · Satellites07/09/2021

Hughes and Arsat SG1 landing may give a new beginning for residential satellite broadband

The operator will allocate 15 Gbps of capacity in the Ka band of the Jupiter 3 satellite in 2022, while the state company will contribute 80 Gbps of the Arsat SG1 a year later. The barrier to LEO systems is the high price of the terminals

Argentina · Fixed Broadband30/08/2021

Chaco Digital advances with fiber and 30 ISPs on the alert

Everon´s service prices, of the provincial sapem Ecom and the Nuevo Banco del Chaco that provides services to the home with FTTH, prompted the creation of ACEPICH, an association that gathers Internet providers that seek greater representation.

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