Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Wifi 6 vs. 5G battle is also being waged in the field of private enterprise networks

There are three ways for the operator to exploit private networks: connectivity; PaaS (Platform as a Service), thanks to the capabilities acquired for a native Cloud environment; and business vertical solutions. In any case, while waiting for the advance of 5G in Latin America, several providers admit that it is currently more viable to face a private network over Wifi 6.

In the last three years, commercial interest in private 5G networks has increased worldwide, as a result of regulatory efforts to increase spectrum dedicated to industries and verticals, as well as specific needs for monitoring, automation and other services over broadband in business environments. The United States is one of the most advanced markets in this regard, with its dynamic sharing system in Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS, 150 MHz in C band over 3.5 GHz), and the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan also granted "slices" of spectrum for actors outside the ICT sector. In Latin America, Chile submitted the possibility for consultation in 2019: there, the 28 GHz band was one of the most recommended; the Mining Council considered "critical" access to frequencies, and mobile operators outright rejected the initiative.

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Cuba · Economy · Politics02/12/2021

Cuba authorizes cryptocurrencies due to its increase in use on the island

The Central Bank of Cuba has legalized and began regulating the use of digital currencies. Thus, admitting the increase in its use by Cubans. Furthermore, it is an attempt to circumvent the sanctions regime applied by the United States.

Globales · Operators01/12/2021

Telefónica sets the goal of zero net emissions in 2025 for its key markets and in 2040 for its entire footprint

This company said this during the 12th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change, held yesterday. Ángel Vilá, CEO of the Spanish company, announced that they will increase sustainable financing to exceed € 10 billion in the coming years.

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones30/11/2021

Plan of the province of Córdoba to achieve 100% connectivity by 2022

Córdoba Connectivity Agency advances with starting up a 96-node program in December. Another 331 nodes will start up next year.

Globales · Regulation · Politics29/11/2021

Europe plans to regulate big tech

The European Parliament will begin discussing from the middle of next year two bills that empower consumers and regulators and puts limits on the predatory market practices of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

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A DIARIO LATINO 04-12-2021

Globales · Software and Applications 03/12/2021

Nasdaq plans to migrate its North American markets to AWS in 2022

Brasil · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 03/12/2021

Algar Telecom/Nokia carry out 5G tests in Uberaba

Brasil · Satellites · Internet & OTT · Regulation 03/12/2021

Ministry of Communications requests an additional credit of US$ 10 million for connectivity

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