Friday, November 19, 2021

Movistar + Sion, portrait of a change of era

The disruption of the initiative for Tierra del Fuego, Chubut and Santa Cruz is based on the fact that there is only one case of disaggregation of HFC networks, in Belgium, and it was implemented by a regulatory obligation, as a result of a merger. "The novelty here is that it is voluntary between the parties," said Luis Delamer, Movistar's Wholesale Director of Hispam, to Convergencialatina.

The way of doing business and optimizing large investments demanded by the ICT industry is changing. Argentina is the scene of an "unprecedented" model of network unbundling. An SME, Sion, will articulate the impulse to a US$ 90 million investment project with state-of-the-art infrastructure that it will share with the global Movistar, whose clients will not be on its network but on that of a competitor who turns out to be an ally. The entente includes as actors a constellation of SME providers from small towns that will also digitize their networks. Apparently a model where everyone wins, and a future that supposes competition for creative and quality services between protagonists.

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Argentina · Regulation20/01/2022

Argentina’s Minimum Cybersecurity Requirements to be taken to national universities

The official said that with this norm the security standard in the State has been raised. From the National Cybersecurity Directorate, it aims to integrate the provinces. In a talk with Convergencia, Sain warned of the greater sophistication of computer attacks and the need to train public employees in prevention.

Regional · Regulation · Economy19/01/2022

Regulation of crypto assets: interest grows in tax aspect and in creation of own digital currencies

2021 witnessed various initiatives by countries in the region to control flows and apply taxes on transactions. Central bank digital currency initiatives, which already exist in two Caribbean countries, move forwards.

Globales · Mobile18/01/2022

Success of 5G to be measured in number of use cases, rather than on coverage

5G accesses were around 660 million by the end of 2021, according to Ericsson Mobility Report, and it is estimated that 49% of mobile subscriptions will be fifth generation by 2027. Other figures present a similar picture: CCS Insight estimated some 637 million connections for last year, and foresees 1.340 billion by 2022. Some 10,000 projects worldwide are already exploring 5G B2B applications, the so-called "5GtoB".

Brasil · Operators17/01/2022

2022 appears as a complicated year for Brazilian telecommunication operators

The cost of deploying 5G networks before June, the purchase of Oi Móvil by Claro, TIM and Vivo, and the possibility of new taxes, challenge finances of the main providers this year.

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