Thursday, January 06, 2022

CES 2022

Sony anticipates its entry into the electric vehicle market

Kenichiro Yoshida, President and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, spoke at Sony's press conference prior to the public opening of CES 2022. He referred to “VISION-S”, an initiative that seeks to contribute to the evolution of mobility. "Sony is well positioned as a 'creative entertainment company' to redefine mobility," he said. In the spring of this year, Sony will establish the operating company "Sony Mobility Inc.", to explore its entry into the electric vehicle market.

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América Latina · Satellites02/06/2023


Satellite service providers see no significant drop in connectivity prices throughout the region

This is because the entry of LEO services has not yet had a definitive impact on the overall supply of satellite connectivity. The downward trend in GEO capacity prices is very slight and the value per Mbps in teleports in the region is homogeneous. LEO competition could be felt in latency-sensitive services, they admit.

Ecuador · Regulation · Operators31/05/2023

Arcotel allocated US$2.5 million for the "Emergency Information Technology Plan" during 2022

The Accountability Report also states that US$2,569,727.28 was received as payment for the 1% Universal Basic Service. Additionally, 203 enabling titles were granted, and the National Telecommunications Corporation began testing 5G. Negotiations for contracts with Claro and Movistar also commenced.

América Latina · Operators01/06/2023

"This year we will announce new alliances in Latin America"

José Juan Haro, responsible for Public Affairs and Wholesale Business at Telefónica Hispam, provided details about the initiatives that the operator is currently carrying out in terms of partnerships and digital inclusion. He said that in Chile and Colombia, approximately 100,000 households are being connected with fiber optics each month.

Cuba · Submarine Cables30/05/2023

Arimao cable highlights Cuba's challenges in accessing connectivity

The island must pay international connection fees in foreign currency, but it is not abundant. Additionally, US sanctions force them to seek more costly options than those indicated by economic logic. Despite the limitations, Havana is looking for new routes. With the Arimao, traffic has grown by 17%.

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