Monday, March 21, 2022

Small regional operators to face new challenges and uncertainties this year

The lack of a neutral mobile operator at the national level, the abundance of competitors in some regions and the weaknesses of the general economy, create doubts about the future of their businesses.

In several aspects, 2022 presents new challenges for small regional providers that during  last year were one of the main players in the Brazilian telecommunications market, in a clear example of diversification and levels of competition in the different regions of the country.

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Argentina · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions01/07/2024

For Horacio Martínez, time has come for Digital Transformation Agents

On the last day of the Regional Telecommunications Meeting (EncRegTel), held in the city of Paraná, the Grupo Datco invited ISPs to "take the leap" and add new features to their portfolio. In addition, the proposals from Red Intercable, Setetec, VideoSwitch and OCRL.

Globales · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications25/04/2024

Meta loses almost US$200 billion in market value in 24 hours due to forecasts of lower income and higher expenses

Marck Zuckerberg, CEO of big tech, asked Wall Street for "patience" so that it does not abandon its actions, although he reaffirmed that the firm will continue with its advanced technological initiatives that consume a lot of Capex, in a turnaround from the 2023 decision to limit those expenses.

Brasil · Pay TV · Free to Air TV - TDT22/04/2024

Brazilian linear TV seeks to reconvert to avoid its extinction

Competition with streaming has led the main groups to have their own platforms to be able to compete on other screens. The arrival of TV 3.0 can help in its conversion.

Brasil · Software and Applications · Regulation27/12/2023

Projects to tax the income of Big Techs operating in the Brazilian market

A study by the University of Brasilia determined a potential tax revenue of over US$5.5 billion for the Brazilian Treasury, coming from the main digital services companies.

Perú · Operators18/08/2023

The three keys to Internet for All: one anchor operator, state regional networks and regulatory flexibility

These three factors come together in the success of the initiative. Convergencialatina interviewed Stalin Rivera, Head of Business Strategy, and César Huamán Bazán, Commercial Director, who explained that they already have contracts with Telefónica, the original partner, but also with Entel and Claro. In addition, they managed to add initiatives from the Canon por Cobertura program. B2B already represents 10% of total revenue and OIBDA is already positive.

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