Monday, April 25, 2022

Lithium nationalization raises questions about future of its exploitation

The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador bets that a state company, Litiomex, will take over the production of the mineral. However, in the private sector they have doubts about the undertaking given the level of investment needed to carry it out and the limited quality of Mexican lithium, which requires new techniques for its use. In addition, they warn about legal claims.

The nationalization of lithium opens up a series of questions about the future of mineral exploitation in Mexico, a country that is among the top ten in the world ranking of those with the most resources in its territory.

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Colombia · Politics21/06/2022

Petro main challenge to be choice of roadmap to reduce digital divide

Gustavo Petro will take office on August 7. It will promote the deployment of fiber in urban areas and the use of low orbit satellite Internet for rural areas. It also warns that it will modify the regulation. The outgoing government leaves behind a new spectrum scheme for 5G and the completion of the public consultation on its deployment.

Globales · Regulation17/06/2022

European law on digital services marks a new regulatory paradigm.

Known as the DSA (Digital Services Act), it makes platforms responsible for the content they publish. It also forces them to share data with advertisers and open their algorithms to scrutiny by regulators. It will be passed in July, which complements another piece of related proposed legislation, the DMA.

Perú · Regulation31/05/2022

Peru tries to unlock Public-Private Partnerships and accelerates the 2022-2023 project portfolio

Legislative Decree 1,543 ordered the creation of OGEP (Project Management Offices) in public entities of the three levels of government to improve project management in PPPs. The Ministry of Economy and Finance is currently working on the OEGEP regulation: The guidelines and methodologies established in regulations is expected to be approved by the end of the year.

Colombia · Politics23/05/2022

Digital divide, education and 5G, axes of proposals of main candidates for ICT sector

Next Sunday, May 29, the presidential elections will be held in Colombia, one of the most important countries in the region for the sector. Gustavo Petro, the candidate who received the most votes in the primary elections, maintains his advantage, but it would not be enough to avoid a second ballot.

Argentina · Spectrum16/05/2022

Chronicle of a return of spectrum: the arguments between Enacom and Telecom

The operator has demanded compensation for disposing of those blocks. Enacom rejected it, arguing that the company has enough spectrum to meet its obligations. Now, the regulator has put the 2600 MHz band in the assignment-on-demand process, which opens new enquiries about who will be able to participate and if the legal limits on spectrum possession in the hands of each operator will be maintained.

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A DIARIO LATINO 24-06-2022

Costa Rica · E-Government 24/06/2022

In La Caja only 13 equipment had protection

Globales · Mobile · Software and Applications 24/06/2022

Telefónica and NTT DATA develop solution that integrates 5G in intralogistics management

Brasil · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 24/06/2022

Vivo and Huawei carry out 5G tests in millimeter waves and FWA

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