Monday, June 20, 2022

Lithium: Argentina seeks to go further in the value chain, in record project times

The Argentine mining sector speaks of a "rebirth" at the hands of almost 40 projects for exploration and exploitation of lithium brines in Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy. The start-up of production to supply the demand for batteries for e-vehicles and electronic devices will also seek to be complemented, promoted by the Ministry of Mining of the Nation and the local technological-scientific sector itself, with an advance on the lithium value chain, since the country's participation is currently restricted to obtaining the raw material in the salt fields.

Nadav Rajzman, who led the National Directorate for Mining Promotion and Economy in the Ministry of Productive Development until last April, spoke with Convergencialatina about the relevance of advancing on the links of the value chain, even before the battery manufacturing stage. “A development of the local electromobility market is needed. They are processes that take time. Lithium deposits require technology for their operation, and here is the opportunity now, in the development of suppliers, the improvement of capacities, in order to take advantage of the input we have”.

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Argentina · Regulation · Politics22/07/2024

The Undersecretariat of Information and Communication Technologies was created

Decree 644/2024 modified the organizational chart of the Cabinet Chief's Office. The new dependency is assigned the function of proposing plans and programs for the application of the Universal Service Trust Fund and assisting in the oversight of the regulatory entity Enacom.

México · Terrestrial Backbones23/07/2024

The fiber optic network between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean is already under construction in Tehuantepec

The 1,200 kilometer network will cross the 200 kilometers of the Isthmus and will also connect towns in Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas and Tabasco. The fiber will have 144 strands and will run parallel to the railway line. It will also extend to Guatemala.

América Latina · Satellites19/07/2024

LEO, MEO and GEO open new business era

At Satellite Map Day it was made sufficiently clear that the orbits are complementary and that each user must find the combination that best suits their needs. In this search, the factors to take into account have variable weighting: budget, integration, support, expertise, among others.

Brasil · Internet & OTT · Regulation · Operators18/07/2024

Future of dispute between operators and Big Tech

A work from the University of Brasilia traces the main disparities between the incomes of both sectors, but also advances a market transformation panorama

América Latina · Operators17/07/2024

Weakness of Mexican currency affects results of América Móvil

The holding company reported an increase in total income of 1.5%, to US$ 11.585 billion. The loss was US$61.5 million. In the period it added 2.4 million mobile subscribers to 313.6 million. It also added 376,000 new broadband accesses and IGUs amounted to 74.3 million.

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