Friday, November 11, 2022

Telcos, cooperatives, cable companies and ISPs present ICT Industry Manifesto

The group made up of the Federación de Cooperativas del Servicio Telefónico de la Zona Sur (Fecosur), the Cámara Argentina de Cableoperadores Pymes (Cacpy) (Argentine Chamber of Pymes Cable Operators), the Cámara Argentina de Internet (Cabase) (Argentine Internet Chamber), plus the operators Telecom, Telefónica and DirecTV agreed on the drafting of the text that defines as an objective to contribute to the promotion of "virtuous, modern regulations, with long-term perspectives" for the development of infrastructure and ICT services that impact the competitiveness of the sector.

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Globales · Spectrum05/12/2023

WRC-23: agreement for ESIM alrady exists

It is one of the first achievements achieved at the world radio communications conference. It covers both GEO systems (item 1.15) and Non-GEO systems (item 1.16 of the day's agenda). Looking ahead to WRC-27, the temperature of the debate over the identification of spectrum for MSS, on which the future of Direct-to-device depends, is on the rise.

Paraguay · Fixed Broadband · Operators · E-Government30/11/2023

Mintic to extend spectrum concession terms and will tender 5G in the second half of 2024

Gustavo Villate, Paraguay's ICT minister since October, analyzes the most important steps he will take to promote the digitalization of the government and improve the scenario for the private sector. He is looking for licenses to have a duration of 20 or 25 years. He is also negotiating with operators that have fiber the use of hairs for social functions.

Globales · Spectrum24/11/2023

Debate over 6 GHz band heats up first week of WRC-23

After the welcome meetings and the presentation of documents, debates begin to take over the conference venue. Regarding the 6 GHz band, some countries departed from the position of their regions. In the 2nd, it was the case of Mexico. The geopolitical crossovers and the first resolution: not allocating narrow band spectrum for IoT.

Globales · Spectrum14/11/2023

HAPS, HIBS and ESIM emerge as key players in the discussions

The World Radiocommunication Conference will take place in Dubai from November 20 to December 15. CITEL, representing Region 2, will bring 286 proposal agreements. Satellite communications and aerial vehicle communications will be at the center of the discussion. What will happen with the 6 GHz band?"

Argentina · Regulation · E-Government06/11/2023

Personal Data Protection Bill enters final stage, with criticism from ICT sector

It incorporates international standards, especially the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, among other regulations. It seeks to replace the law passed in 2000 with the most important change: guaranteeing the right of people to the protection of their personal data and informative self-determination from a human rights perspective. The Lower House has until November 20 to discuss the project.

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A DIARIO LATINO 09-12-2023

Globales · Software and Applications 07/12/2023

Google presents Gemini, its AI model

América Latina · Convergence 07/12/2023

Dell predictions for 2024 and outlook for Latin America

América Latina · Convergence 07/12/2023

Convergencialatina returns on Monday, December 11

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