Monday, November 14, 2022

First steps of 5G in Guatemala: controversy over services and lack of spectrum

Tigo and Claro have launched their services over 4G networks. However, the sector assures that until the spectrum status in the AWS and 700 MHz bands is corrected, there will be no real progress with the new technology. Claro offers commercial packages for end users, while Tigo has not yet published them.

Fifth generation technology is already operating in Guatemala through operators Tigo and Claro. Although its arrival generated great expectations, the operators and the government have pointed out that it is a first step in a long road.

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Perú · Mobile · Spectrum17/11/2023

GSMA warns of spectrum cost in future allocation of 3.5 GHz band for 5G

he association of operators noted that Peru is on the way to a bidding process for the band and that the latest information indicates that there is a tendency towards higher prices.

Brasil · Regulation · Spectrum15/11/2023

Brazil's future 6 GHz band to be decided in Dubai

Although Anatel had decided that this band would be fully occupied by unlicensed services, it also clarified that it will abide by the final decision adopted at WRC-23.

América Latina · Operators10/11/2023

Liberty Latin America shows loss of income and little movement in customer base

The regional operator had an 8% drop in its revenues in the third quarter of 2023 compared to those generated in the same period of 2022. Mobile subscriptions grew by 0.4% and RGUs, by 0.6%. “We continue to execute our business strategies,” said CEO Balan Nair.

América Latina · Operators13/11/2023

Telefónica improves management efficiency in its Latin American business and maintains the put option

Revenues from its regional operation fell 2.7% in the third quarter compared to the same period in 2022. The alliances it is weaving allow it to expand its fiber footprint and reduce its costs. At Capital Markets Day, Laura Abasolo emphasized: "We are keeping our options open".

Perú · Mobile09/11/2023

MTC evaluates proposals to expand 4G infrastructure in rural areas

The official plan is to modify the regulations of the Telecommunications Law in order to facilitate the deployment of new infrastructure based on connectivity via microwaves and satellites. The results of the public consultation could be available in December.

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A DIARIO LATINO 09-12-2023

Globales · Software and Applications 07/12/2023

Google presents Gemini, its AI model

América Latina · Convergence 07/12/2023

Dell predictions for 2024 and outlook for Latin America

América Latina · Convergence 07/12/2023

Convergencialatina returns on Monday, December 11

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