Tuesday, November 15, 2022

ICT ecosystem on alert due to import complications

The lack of clarity prevents ISPs, integrators and suppliers from planning how, when and at what price they will have the equipment they need for new deployments or maintenance of existing equipment. It is clear that the lack of a clear policy for the sector shows the absence of official knowledge of its needs.

Integrators, suppliers, ISPs and cooperatives are increasingly uncertain when it comes to planning how, when and at what price they will have the necessary equipment for network maintenance and deployment.

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Globales · Spectrum24/11/2023

Debate over 6 GHz band heats up first week of WRC-23

After the welcome meetings and the presentation of documents, debates begin to take over the conference venue. Regarding the 6 GHz band, some countries departed from the position of their regions. In the 2nd, it was the case of Mexico. The geopolitical crossovers and the first resolution: not allocating narrow band spectrum for IoT.

Globales · Spectrum14/11/2023

HAPS, HIBS and ESIM emerge as key players in the discussions

The World Radiocommunication Conference will take place in Dubai from November 20 to December 15. CITEL, representing Region 2, will bring 286 proposal agreements. Satellite communications and aerial vehicle communications will be at the center of the discussion. What will happen with the 6 GHz band?"

Argentina · Regulation · E-Government06/11/2023

Personal Data Protection Bill enters final stage, with criticism from ICT sector

It incorporates international standards, especially the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, among other regulations. It seeks to replace the law passed in 2000 with the most important change: guaranteeing the right of people to the protection of their personal data and informative self-determination from a human rights perspective. The Lower House has until November 20 to discuss the project.

Costa Rica · Regulation · Operators31/10/2023

Conflicts with cybersecurity regulations for 5G to delay rollout of new network

Since the Micitt announced the cybersecurity regulation for the development of 5G networks, there has been nothing but discontent and complaints in all sectors. Now, the Government is debating whether to take a step back or stand firm in its position. However, the only certainty is that the 5G agenda will be affected.

Ecuador · Economy · Politics03/10/2023

Troubled by urgent problems, presidential candidates forget connectivity

Luisa González, from Revolución Ciudadana, and Daniel Noboa, from ADN, will go to the ballot on October 15. In last Sunday's debate, they almost did not address issues related to the reduction of the digital divide, the deployment of 5G or the expansion of digital skills of the population. Polls show a virtual tie between the candidates.

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