Thursday, May 26, 2022

Uncertainty after cancellation of Red Dorsal tender

The Programa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Pronatel) (National Telecommunications Program) decided to declare void the tender for which it intended to deliver for three years the operation of the Red Dorsal Nacional de Fibra Óptica (RDNFO), the 13,600-kilometer backbone that connects 180 Peruvian cities.

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Perú · Terrestrial Backbones26/05/2022

Uncertainty after cancellation of Red Dorsal tender

Argentina · Operators12/04/2022

Interview with Luis Quinelli, president of Sion

“We are at a time of refounding industry”

Quinelli discussed the agreement with Telefónica and classed it as a new paradigm. "It's a new way of operating, which takes time to process, even emotionally," he stressed about the agreement that provides for investments of US$97.5 million to update the network in the south of the country.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband05/04/2022

Neutral networks: the active modality prevails in Argentina and becomes the engine of fiber expansion

Operators prefer to highlight the financial relevance of all activity and avoid heavy Capex investments that they cannot fulfill later, as with OLTs, for a penetration of between 40% and 60%. The model that looks for wireless ISPs as clients is also growing.

Regional · Submarine Cables · Terrestrial Backbones15/03/2022

BELLA Program terrestrial connectivity to contribute to astronomical, Blockchain and IoT research

It is also one of the first specific applications of the EllaLink submarine cable, which connects Portugal and Brazil, inaugurated in mid-2021. In terms of latency, a reduction of 62 milliseconds is observed, compared to 240 ms previously recorded in the indirect route (via New York).

Argentina · Submarine Cables10/02/2022

“We must forge alliances between South American countries so that the cable to Antarctica is a regional project”

Horacio Martínez, Grupo Datco CEO, said that this year they will approach potential interested parties from the nations of the region and test possible purchasers of the service. It is a scientific and non-commercial project.

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Costa Rica · E-Government 24/06/2022

In La Caja only 13 equipment had protection

Globales · Mobile · Software and Applications 24/06/2022

Telefónica and NTT DATA develop solution that integrates 5G in intralogistics management

Brasil · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 24/06/2022

Vivo and Huawei carry out 5G tests in millimeter waves and FWA

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