Tuesday, August 16, 2022

C&W Communications added 12 Tbps of capacity to its submarine network last year

Convergencialatina talked with Chris Coles, Chief Commercial Officer, B2B and Networks/Wholesale of C&W Communications, about the behavior of the sector in Latin America. Planning for current laying for the next 15 years will be one of the topics of debate at Carriers Map Day 2022, the event organized by Convergencialatina for next September 14.

In the submarine cable segment, Latin America has historically maintained annual wholesale capacity demand increases of between 20% and 22%, and currently they range from 18% to 25%.  In the specific case of C&W Communications, it added 9 terabits of capacity to its network between mid-2020 and mid-2021; and 12 terabits of capacity between mid-2021 and mid-2022, according to Chris Coles, Chief Commercial Officer, B2B and Networks/Wholesale of C&W Communications, in an interview with Convergencialatina.

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The plan to bring broadband to the whole island

It will deploy networks with the capacity to bring 100 Mbps to all homes and businesses. Fiber optics and wireless technologies will be used. It will also improve resilience to the climatic phenomena that periodically affect the island. Technical training will be provided to train human resources.

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Brazilian fixed broadband enters a new phase of competition

In the coming months, large operators will try to differentiate quality and price in order to gain market share at the expense of small and medium-sized suppliers.

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Why STC bought a 9.9% stake in Telefónica

The operation took the Spanish operator's board, the government and the financial regulator by surprise. The investment bank Morgan Stanley was acquiring the shares, by order of the Arab firm, in small packages without taking control. Telefónica is attractive because of its robust dividend payments.

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The power of fiber deployment isn't in the investments; it lies within the municipalities

These entities have the capacity to delay or drive ISP and operator projects through the enactment of specific ordinances.

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Telecom and Claro to conquer fiber in the interior of the country

Telecom invests heavily in fiber with a gradual migration plan from copper to FTTH. Claro advanced to have the largest FTTH market share after all the small operators added up. Telefónica makes its own deployments and sharing agreements, but its customer base is not taking off.

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