Tuesday, August 16, 2022

C&W Communications added 12 Tbps of capacity to its submarine network last year

Convergencialatina talked with Chris Coles, Chief Commercial Officer, B2B and Networks/Wholesale of C&W Communications, about the behavior of the sector in Latin America. Planning for current laying for the next 15 years will be one of the topics of debate at Carriers Map Day 2022, the event organized by Convergencialatina for next September 14.

In the submarine cable segment, Latin America has historically maintained annual wholesale capacity demand increases of between 20% and 22%, and currently they range from 18% to 25%.  In the specific case of C&W Communications, it added 9 terabits of capacity to its network between mid-2020 and mid-2021; and 12 terabits of capacity between mid-2021 and mid-2022, according to Chris Coles, Chief Commercial Officer, B2B and Networks/Wholesale of C&W Communications, in an interview with Convergencialatina.

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Honduras · Operators24/04/2024

Government promotes investments in Hondutel to enter triple play market

It provides more than US$40 million, together with the UNDP, to deploy fiber optics, whose laying will be available at the beginning of the second half of this year. It also bets on the corporate market.

Puerto Rico · Fixed Broadband28/03/2024

Puerto Rico must deploy fiber optics in more than half of the island's homes

The data came from a Fiber Broadband Association webinar that revealed the island's situation in FTTH services. There is a plan for the footprint to reach one hundred percent of homes in 2027 financed by federal funds and privately executed.

Uruguay · Pay TV · Internet & OTT · Operators27/03/2024

Through agreements with Claro and Movistar, cable operators expand their Internet offer

These are agreements of different types, which include leaving the last mile for the cable operator or contracts for available bandwidth. Antel could join with infrastructure leasing. Some cable operators are already building their own networks.

América Latina · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions25/03/2024

Andina Link 2024: Padtec targets small and medium-sized ISPs in Colombia

The Brazilian supplier Padtec participated in Andina Link 2024. From the fair, Hernán Yepes, CALA Norte Regional Manager, told Convergencialatina about the plans with the Colombian market, shaken by 5G deployment.

México · Fixed Broadband31/01/2024

In five years, Telmex lost 25% of its share in the fixed broadband market

Totalplay and Megacable are the competitors that increased their position. Izzi, from Televisa, managed to hold its ground despite the push from the smaller players.

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A DIARIO LATINO 23-05-2024

Costa Rica · Mobile · Operators 22/05/2024

Starting in July Kölbi to gradually turn off its 2G network

Colombia · Regulation · Spectrum 22/05/2024

MinTIC assigns low band spectrum to 18 companies

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