Tuesday, November 01, 2022

European regulators disagree on "fair contribution" demanded by operators to OTTs

The BEREC report dismantled the telcos' arguments. It states that it has not been proven that higher traffic generates higher costs. And it pointed out that the increase in traffic is caused by the ISP's end-customer, who is charged for it.

The preliminary report of BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications), the main European body of telecommunications regulators, on Wednesday, October 12, rejected the arguments used by European operators to justify the call for European legislation to encourage a "fair contribution" by application and content providers (CAPs) to fund the expansion of networks.

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Bolivia · Economy02/02/2023

Bolivia's plans to be a protagonist in the lithium era

With the largest lithium reserve in the world - the Salar de Uyuni - the State is the major player in the extraction and industrialization process of the "white gold". With revenues increasing 20-fold between 2020 and 2022, the Bolivian government has signed new contracts to continue expansion.

Ecuador · Politics31/01/2023

The reform of the Organic Law of Communication to respect the distribution of spectrum.

The distribution of 34% for community media, 10% for the public sector and the remaining 56% for the private sector will continue. In addition, the law proposes substantial changes regarding the allocation of licenses, community media and state advertising. In addition, the Communication Council acquires new functions.

Cuba · Politics · E-Government26/01/2023

Telecommunications, science and innovation, part of new Law of Attorney General of the Republic

Pending its regulation, the functions of the Office of the Attorney General include the use of advances in science, technology and innovation. In addition, it calls for free access to public information generated by this state body.

México · Regulation · Spectrum24/01/2023

"I see it feasible for IFT-12 to be held in second half of the year"

Navarrete told Convergencialatina that there will be some 330 MHz on offer in low and medium bands and that the objective is to increase the number of players in the local market. To this end, the IFT will continue trying to convince both Mexican Executive Branch and Congress to reduce the annual fee for the use of the spectrum. The Mexican treasury lost US$225 million annually due to the return of spectrum by operators.

Globales · Economy · Politics23/01/2023

Davos: AI, metaverse, crypto assets and major trends in public debate

The recent edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) was an update on the discussions on technological megatrends. The need for regulation appears in the newer ones, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain-based assets.

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A DIARIO LATINO 02-02-2023

Costa Rica · Mobile · Internet & OTT 02/02/2023

5G tests yielded one terabyte of speed

Brasil · Fixed Broadband · Operators 02/02/2023

Fixed broadband grew 6.7% in 2022

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