Tuesday, November 14, 2023

HAPS, HIBS and ESIM emerge as key players in the discussions

The World Radiocommunication Conference will take place in Dubai from November 20 to December 15. CITEL, representing Region 2, will bring 286 proposal agreements. Satellite communications and aerial vehicle communications will be at the center of the discussion. What will happen with the 6 GHz band?"

Next Monday, a new edition of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23), organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), will kick off in Dubai. The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) will present 286 agreements or proposals (known in the jargon as IAP, Inter-American Proposal) for IMT and the other 40 possible uses of the spectrum. According to Oscar León, Executive Secretary of CITEL, there is agreement on the majority of the agenda points for WRC-23, with emphasis placed on spectrum harmonization and eliminating harmful interferences between services to ensure interoperability and roaming.

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Globales · Economy18/04/2024

Cosmas Zavazava: More resilient approaches needed in an increasingly volatile digital world

The Director of Telecommunication Development of the ITU spoke with Convergencia about the objectives in Latin America of the Acceleration Centers Network and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Digital Development Alliance.

Argentina · Regulation · Operators15/04/2024

What will be the sector's agenda after the repeal of DNU 690?

Representatives from various associations representing ICT companies agreed that the repeal of the decree is positive and that this will mark the beginning of a new stage. However, politicians warn that without regulation, the law of the jungle will prevail in a highly concentrated market.

Globales · Software and Applications · Economy11/04/2024

IMF alert: cyber attacks on financial system increase and lack of policies to face challenge

The agency warned that there is a lack of binding regulations and data on cyberattacks. Weak governance in the matter does not help either. Emerging countries and financial institutions that began teleworking after the Covid-19 pandemic are more at risk.

Argentina · Regulation · Politics10/04/2024

Milei Government rules out decree 690

It does so to "safeguard the rules that allow the development of a competitive market and the free setting of prices for the services provided." The use and access to networks is no longer a competitive public service.

Costa Rica · Mobile · Regulation · Operators09/04/2024

Costa Rica advances slowly on its path to 5G

Radiographic Costarricense, a company of the state-owned Grupo ICE, launched the country's first 5G network in March. However, private operators are lagging behind due to the retrograde impact on bureaucratic processes.

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A DIARIO LATINO 25-04-2024

Chile · Internet & OTT · Regulation 24/04/2024

Interoperability of clinical records to be law

Globales · Free to Air TV - TDT 24/04/2024

Paramount puts Chilevisión and Telefé up for sale

América Latina · Mobile · Internet & OTT · Operators 24/04/2024

Entel to invest US$618 million this year in Chile and Peru focused on mobile and home businesses

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