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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

5G spectrum tender awaits fundamental government decisions

In addition to solving the model that will be used to avoid interference between 5G and satellite TV, a decision is expected on the participation or not of Chinese infrastructure provider companies.

With the beginning of the New Year, expectations of the Brazilian telecommunications market are specifically focused on accelerating the 5G spectrum tender in the country. However, technical and political issues can have a decisive influence on the acceleration or slowness of a process that, theoretically, foresees that this contest will take place before the end of the first semester.

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República Dominicana · Spectrum04/01/2021

The winners of the 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz frequency tender to be known in August

Last week the Indotel released details of the process. The publication of specifications is scheduled for this month. A total of 90 MHz will be tendered in the 700 MHz, segmented into 9 blocks of 5 + 5 MHz (FDD); and 160 MHz in 3.5 GHz, in 16 blocks of 10 MHz (TDD).

Argentina · Regulation28/12/2020

Government anticipates future increases after complaints from the sector about the 5% increase and the Universal Basic Benefit

The Secretary of Public Innovation, Micaela Sánchez Malcolm, assured last week that the 5% increase authorized to ICT companies from January "is the beginning of unfreezing prices" and announced that the issue will continue to be evaluated in dialogue tables with companies.

República Dominicana · Fixed Broadband · Regulation · Spectrum09/12/2020

Dominican Republic advances with 700 Mhz cleanup to pave the way for 2021 tender

This was commented by Julissa Cruz, Executive Director of Indotel, during the Big Players Map Day, organized by Convergencialatina last week. On June, the Instituto Dominicano de Telecomunicaciones (Indotel) (Telecom Regulator) presented a national spectrum policy, which establishes a change in the surveillance and control model, shaping up a more proactive regulator. In addition, she outlined a master plan for frequency management.

Uruguay · Fixed Broadband · Pay TV · Free to Air TV - TDT · Regulation · Operators08/12/2020

Media Law: the discussion moves to 2021, with more voices against than in favor

In record time, it was sought to enact a new Media Law to nullify the current Audiovisual Communication Services Law (Spanish: Ley de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual, SCA) of 2014. But finally the vote was postponed to next year. It was reported that it favors Montevideo cables that are owned by channels 4, 10 and 12, and that it could lead to a covert privatization of SME cable companies.

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