Monday, November 01, 2021

Facebook: the bet on virtual reality and the harsh reality to overcome

With its sights set on VR and AR, Meta will allocate huge financial resources to fund its investigations. From a technology viewpoint, the proposals are promising. But critical views suggest that the corporate structure will remain the same.

Nothing better than virtual reality to escape from the harsh real reality. That could have been the slogan behind the decision to change the name of Facebook - the holding company - to Meta, a diffuse name that without the "verse" that continued it in its original version could lead to confusion.

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Globales · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications05/10/2021

Investigations on what happened to Facebook applications

Between 2.7 and 3.5 billion people felt the effects of yesterday's seven-hour blackout. The company assures that a configuration problem was dealt with in its Internet protocols. They point to human error.

Costa Rica · Internet & OTT · Economy03/09/2021

Costa Rica aims to add US$ 500 million annually to its economy with digital nomads

Authorities hope that some 10,000 foreigners will settle down to take advantage of the benefits offered by the new legislation. But experts warn of the fragility of connectivity in the country.

Globales · Regulation · Politics25/08/2021

China: a pre-emptive attack by the regime against technology companies

Regulatory moves on behalf of authorities belonging to the Asian giant aim to substantially increase the control of activities of the firms in the sector, whose behavior was considered "abusive" or "monopolistic."

Regional · Internet & OTT · Politics12/05/2021

Collection of VAT on digital products generalized in the region

Six countries modified their legislation last year to add platform services to taxed activities paid by the consumer. Meanwhile, the income tax remains subject to an unresolved global debate where the OECD leads the way.

Regional · Internet & OTT28/05/2021

The Edmodo educational platform surpasses 1.3 million active users in Latin America

Convergencialatina talked with Kate Baker, Edmodo’s Senior Manager of Community Relations, created in California in 2009. Activity on this platform multiplied 25 times after the outbreak of Covid-19. They aim to forge zero-rating agreements with operators in Latin America: the first of its kind was reached with Digicel in the Caribbean.

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A DIARIO LATINO 04-12-2021

Globales · Software and Applications 03/12/2021

Nasdaq plans to migrate its North American markets to AWS in 2022

Brasil · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 03/12/2021

Algar Telecom/Nokia carry out 5G tests in Uberaba

Brasil · Satellites · Internet & OTT · Regulation 03/12/2021

Ministry of Communications requests an additional credit of US$ 10 million for connectivity

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