Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Musk acquires Twitter and opens new scenario for social networks

It will apply substantial technological changes, such as open source algorithms, but also content policies, with authentication of only human accounts and elimination of censorship. The business plan points to a further expansion of Twitter based on transparency.

Finally, Twitter's board of directors accepted the offer of approximately US$44 billion to sell the company to Elon Musk. Now, the transfer of control to billionaire Musk raises questions about the future of the influential social media platform.

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Brasil · Operators21/03/2022

Small regional operators to face new challenges and uncertainties this year

The lack of a neutral mobile operator at the national level, the abundance of competitors in some regions and the weaknesses of the general economy, create doubts about the future of their businesses.

Globales · Software and Applications · Economy04/02/2022

Historical fall of Meta: its shares sank 27% and it lost US$230 billion of market capitalization

Investors responded to a quarterly balance that showed a reduction in users for the first time in 18 years, although it was just 0.05% lower. For analysts, the financial factor is important here, stressed by the upcoming rise in interest rates in the US.

Regional · Internet & OTT24/01/2022

Operators and cybersecurity: between threats and business

The large telcos in the region have heavily invested in technology and human resources to deal with cyber threats. And they went out to offer that know-how to other companies, as one of the new sources of income in a context of decreasing turnover. In this interview, Joao Horta, VP of Sales for Telcos at Fortinet Latam, details this trend.

Globales · Internet & OTT29/12/2021

After the claim of European operators, in the USA they also ask that big tech companies finance new networks

The proposal was made by one of the members of the FCC, the US regulator, who said that large technology firms must contribute to the Universal Service Fund. In Europe, telcos say they have invested more than € 52 billion this year and that the contribution from Google, Facebook and others was null.

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A DIARIO LATINO 24-06-2022

Costa Rica · E-Government 24/06/2022

In La Caja only 13 equipment had protection

Globales · Mobile · Software and Applications 24/06/2022

Telefónica and NTT DATA develop solution that integrates 5G in intralogistics management

Brasil · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 24/06/2022

Vivo and Huawei carry out 5G tests in millimeter waves and FWA

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