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América Latina · Operators


Regional Players Map in Latin America 2023

Big Players have changed: they are now divided into services and infrastructure

América Latina · Satellites


Satellite Map Day 2022

Satellites Map in Latin America 2022

Multi-orbital schemes accompany the shift of industry towards services

América Latina · Operators


Regional Players Map 2020

Mergers and acquisitions are renewed in Latin America with investment funds and separation by services

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Internet & OTT


2020 Argentina Internet Map

The 23rd edition of this publication showed the satisfaction in the sector for the capacity of the networks demonstrated during the pandemic.

América Latina · Submarine Cables


Carriers Map 2019

The regional Internet infrastructure adds alternative routes faced with consumption peaks and gaming boom

América Latina · Operators


Regional Players Map 2019

Big players stay with countries where they play the best

América Latina · Mobile


Mobile Services Map 2019

The region paves the way for 5G while squeezing 4G potential

América Latina · Mobile


Mobile Services Map 2018

The region also began to live the race for 5G

América Latina · Operators


Regional Players Map 2017

A new player generates realignments and various unknowns

Argentina · Spectrum


Argentina Spectrum Map 2017

Refarming changed the organization of the market in mobile telephony. The Government plans to continue to increase the Spectrum Cap.

América Latina · Satellites


Satellites Map in Latin America 2017

The satellite will guarantee 5G backhaul but with more orbital resources and spectrum

América Latina · Mobile


Mobile Services Map 2017

VoLTE launches and contests for more spectrum, keys for 2017.

Uruguay · Pay TV · Free to Air TV - TDT · Operators


Uruguay Media and Telecommunications Map 2015

Media law and the analog switch-off on hold will not affect the development of ICT Uruguay

Argentina · Operators


Alliances Map in Argentina 2015

Large companies are concentrated locally and the new government is expected to close mergers and acquisitions

América Latina · Mobile


Mobile Services Map 2016

Contents and global consolidation push hard in a renewed radiography of the mobile sector

América Latina · Mobile


Mobile Services Map 2014

LTE gained ground through AWS: expectations now look at 700 MHz schedule

América Latina · Satellites


Satellites Map in Latin America 2014

Growth of the Ka Band and sector revenues boost the regional market

Argentina · Spectrum


Argentina Alliances Map 2013

Fintech, the european crisis and the Media Law, responsible for the changes during 2013.