Monday, July 25, 2022

The potential of Argentine start-ups lies in fleets for IoT, observation and communications.

There are at least seven Argentine start-ups participating in the satellite ecosystem. The greatest chances of participation are in developing constellations for IoT and for observation and communications. All of them have different degrees of maturity and face different technological, financial and commercial challenges.

Financing for start-ups in the space segment has just experienced a 2021 record worldwide, with contributions of US$ 15 billion: start-ups are playing an increasingly relevant role in providing specific services for traditional satellite operators.

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Argentina · Satellites18/07/2022

Arsat builds its footprint to provide services in C, Ku, HTS Ka in the Southern Cone and dynamic HTS Ku and Ka

Between 2026 and 2028, Argentina will have a fleet of four satellites in orbit with the availability of four products: C-band capacity, Ku-band capacity, dedicated HTS Ka beams in the countries of the Southern Cone, and dynamically assigned HTS Ku and Ka, according to customer needs.

Regional · Satellites30/05/2022

Intelsat reinforces its launch schedule with its sights set on a unified multi-orbital network

Ricardo La Guardia, VP of Sales for Latin America at the satellite operator, spoke with Convergencialatina about the commitment to SDN devices, the agreements with cloud providers and the first NOC in Rio de Janeiro.

Chile · Operators · Spectrum15/02/2022

How Zapping TV overcame 5G interferences

By the end of January, the virtual distributor suffered service interruptions caused by a communications operator's antenna. It had to make investments to generate redundancy in the reception of satellite signals, including the contract with United Teleports and a dedicated Lumen service. An experience that should be evaluated by the region's industry.

Regional · Satellites08/12/2021

Andesa to launch its first satellite in 2023 with Astranis

The company has operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, with three teleports installed in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima. Its first own satellite, Andesat 1, will serve to provide coverage in Peru as part of the program “Te Conectamos Perú”, which serves remote rural areas.

Globales · Satellites09/11/2021

Consolidation in the satellite sector

Viasat buys Inmarsat for US$ 7.3 billion

Once the transaction is carried out, Viasat will have a total fleet of 19 satellites in Ka, L and S bands, and ten new devices that will be added in the next three years. Inmarsat thus concludes a stage of profound changes in its leadership and strategy. The integration of Inmarsat will strengthen Viasat in the government and maritime sectors.

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Security operations center to cost US$ 10 million

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Mery Gutiérrez is the new ICT minister

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Claro, TIM and Vivo have 8 million customers with 5G cell phones

Globales · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 08/08/2022

BT and Nokia successfully pass carrier aggregation test in 5G SA network

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