Thursday, November 03, 2022

Direct-to-phone business triggers new space race

Several initiatives connecting common smartphones and satellites are close to commercial launch. Apple is expected to do so this month and Lynk is expected to present its alternative before the end of the year. Space X's Starlink and Amazon's Kuiper also have projects in the works. Moreover, the major operators have already signed up for this activity.

As the date for Apple to launch the direct-to-phone service (connection to a satellite from a conventional smartphone) for its iPhone 14 approaches, scheduled for this November, although still without a specific day, other operators are accelerating the pace to close the gap with the Apple brand.

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Argentina · Satellites02/11/2022

New multiorbital business models call for regulatory changes in the satellite area

The current regulations date from the end of the last century and are not adequate to the new market demands, such as the disruptive leap of LEO and the provision of broadband in new frequencies.

Brasil · Pay TV17/08/2022

Pay TV market seeks to evolve hand in hand with new technologies

The significant progress made by streaming in recent years has led operators to remodel and transform their products in order to capture a user who has multiple and varied offers at its disposal.

Argentina · Satellites25/07/2022

The potential of Argentine start-ups lies in fleets for IoT, observation and communications.

There are at least seven Argentine start-ups participating in the satellite ecosystem. The greatest chances of participation are in developing constellations for IoT and for observation and communications. All of them have different degrees of maturity and face different technological, financial and commercial challenges.

Argentina · Satellites18/07/2022

Arsat builds its footprint to provide services in C, Ku, HTS Ka in the Southern Cone and dynamic HTS Ku and Ka

Between 2026 and 2028, Argentina will have a fleet of four satellites in orbit with the availability of four products: C-band capacity, Ku-band capacity, dedicated HTS Ka beams in the countries of the Southern Cone, and dynamically assigned HTS Ku and Ka, according to customer needs.

Regional · Satellites30/05/2022

Intelsat reinforces its launch schedule with its sights set on a unified multi-orbital network

Ricardo La Guardia, VP of Sales for Latin America at the satellite operator, spoke with Convergencialatina about the commitment to SDN devices, the agreements with cloud providers and the first NOC in Rio de Janeiro.

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