Friday, April 16, 2021

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Copitec designs low-orbit satellites and studies the possibility of manufacturing lithium batteries

The head of the Professional Council of Telecommunications Engineers (Copitec), Miguel Pesado, announced that the entity is designing a low-orbit satellite system for Internet of Things (IoT) services that includes launch technologies. 

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México · Pay TV · Internet & OTT23/03/2021

Two years after the approval of the merger, Disney has not been able to sell Fox Sports in Mexico

Mediapro, Prisa, AT&T, América Móvil, Grupo Multimedios, Televisa and Grupo Lauman were considered among the possible buyers. The IFT had forced the disengagement because a 70-80% control of the audience would affect the offer and the prices of the contents, and this could not be counteracted by other competitors.

Argentina · Satellites15/03/2021

VENG, Conae executing arm that fights for a place in the Earth observation market

The Saocom 1A mission was originally thought for the local market, in order to increase agricultural capabilities and natural resource analysis, but now - with the Saocom 1B also in orbit - they are working to capture demand from other players.

Argentina · Pay TV03/03/2021

ESPN-FOX merger would anticipate the sports OTT business

If the Secretary of Commerce approves the merger, Disney would monopolize 7 of the 9 sports channels in the country. This concentration would promote the creation of more on demand platforms to bypass cable operators: a pay TV subscription will no longer be enough to watch sports.

Globales · Satellites25/01/2021

Satellogic: Vertical integration as base formula for 300 microsatellites constellation

It was born in Argentina but in 9 years of existence it expanded, relocating its production in different parts of the world. The company ventured into a process of inventing parts of the devices it produces, has several patents granted and others in the management process. Its main clients are in China and its executives are more focused on developing its products with a high scientific and technological component than on positioning themselves as a unicorn.

Globales · Satellites19/01/2021

Skylark mission promises to put 12 space situational awareness satellites into orbit by 2022

The NorthStar Earth & Space project, linked to the Canadian government and companies such as Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio, seeks to have sensors in space to mainly monitor large fleets in low orbit. Preventing collisions and determining the location of objects in LEO, MEO and GEO will be other of its functions.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-04-2021

Argentina · Software and Applications 20/04/2021

Ramón Carrillo digital hospital of San Luis inaugurated

Brasil · Mobile · Voice Services 20/04/2021

In 2020, mobile data revenues tripled those of voice service

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