Thursday, April 15, 2021

NPlay Southern Cone 2021

Daily webinars and training to accompany small ISPs forced digitalization

The strong increase in the demand for connectivity that occurred last year and that continues even now, with the pandemic and social isolation measures, forced the small ISP segment to train in digitalizing internal processes. “The quarantine hit us like a blow”, recalled Rodolfo Bianchi, vice president of the Cámara Argentina de Pequeños Proveedores de Internet (CAPPI), (Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers), in a panel during the third day of NPlay Southern Cone 2021. In one of the less “sweetened” speeches of the virtual meeting, Bianchi expressed: “People believe that the small ISPs were favored by the quarantine. I would say that was the case when it comes to growth since April 2020 sales were double by those of April the previous year, but that represents a growth, at best, of 1%. The problem was that we had a much higher consumption in our networks and that hit us hard. Costs increased, but revenues did not. While the telephone companies charge the data packages per mega consumed, we generally have a flat rate”, explained Bianchi.

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Argentina · Economy26/03/2021

Mining companies argue to discourage the plan to produce lithium batteries in the country

Argentina is part of the Lithium Triangle along with Chile and Bolivia. The vehicle to promote lithium exploitation projects will be the Strategic Plan for Argentine Mining Development, which is the subject of debate at a table between the government, companies and unions, and specialists in the sector.

Regional · Economy09/03/2021

First SPAC with tech focus in Latin America aims to facilitate late-stage funding in entrepreneurial world

Alpha Capital, founded by Rafael Steinhauser and Alec Oxenford, will select a company from 47 pre-selected companies to merge and enable access to public markets.

Regional · Internet & OTT02/02/2021

Zero trust: The model imposed in the implementation of cybersecurity systems

By 2022, the value of a business is projected to largely depend on how it protects its data and the strength of its cybersecurity. The increase in the exhibition area as a result of remote work of employees created new vectors of threats, with security teams forced to develop protocols for remote terminals.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Software and Applications21/01/2021

Video consultation is here to stay and is the base of telemedicine pyramid

The private health sector in Argentina seeks to generate models to be installed as an effective usual practice even outside the pandemic, and digital experiences are maintained. At the same time, during 2020 the fiber business for hospitals grew by up to 40%.

Argentina · Software and Applications · E-Government28/12/2020

Health cloud exceeds 3.06 million federated people and to be crucial in Covid-19 vaccination

The interoperability bus of the Ministry of Health has 41 domains and more than 21,500 people who share them. One of its first practical applications was the E-Medical Record. As Fernando Núñez, National Director of Health Governance and Integration, told Convergencia, today about 500 facilities already have interoperable EHR implemented, and for the next few years about 4,000 more are expected to join.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-04-2021

Chile · Mobile · Voice Services · Pay TV · Internet & OTT 19/04/2021

Connectivity increased in 2020 and fiber optic connections grew 62%

Surinam · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 19/04/2021

Telesur selects Cerillion for a 10-year BSS / OSS agreement

Perú · Mobile · Spectrum 19/04/2021

Call for AWS-3 and 2.3 GHz bands to promote 4G prepared

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