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Regional · Operators

The morning after

Between fantasy and reality, a holding company would like to partner with Telefónica HispAm

There is plenty of speculation about the group of Latin American businessmen who would have offered € 10,000 million for 51% of the Spanish operator's business in Latin America (except Brazil).

Argentina · Mobile

Mobile video: Integration with digital players and the generation of own content move operators

For mobile operators, who seek to enter the game content, the almost obligatory step of generating original content is added to make their profitable systems, with aggregation as a key point. The video streaming component stomps as a component of Movistar network traffic: it constitutes 48%, compared to the 40% it represented in 2018.

Brasil · Spectrum

Brazilian spectrum auction may be the largest individual auction in the world

The bidding model will be the key to envision the final collection that some estimate at US$ 6 billion. The Ministry of Economy will be decisive in determining the type of contest.

Globales · Mobile

Ericsson's Mobility Report foresees that 11% of Latin American mobile subscriptions in 2025 will be 5G

The Swedish company says that 69% of mobile subscriptions will be LTE in 2025. Globally, 2019 closed with 8 billion mobile users and 50 commercial launches of 5G worldwide.

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