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A DIARIO LATINO 09-04-2020

Convergencia Research


Regional · Internet & OTT · Economy

The technological challenge behind the pandemic: mass telework pushes the entire economy into digital transformation

Latin America today begins a new day of home confinement, as prevention against the advance of the coronavirus. Governments started asking users for prudence, but excessive consumption has become part of the quarantine and now they are putting pressure on operators to activate reinforcement plans and avoid network congestion.SMEs that had not advanced in digitalization face remote work with difficulties, while the demand for collaboration and productivity tools increases exponentially.

Argentina · Satellites

Arsat plans to launch in 2023 a satellite to be built by Invap

The so-called "Second Generation 1 (SG1)" will demand a US$ 200 million investment to be financed by credits from multilateral organizations, to which state funds will be added. This reactivates the development and production of high technology which was buried since 2015.


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