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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Video consultation is here to stay and is the base of telemedicine pyramid

The private health sector in Argentina seeks to generate models to be installed as an effective usual practice even outside the pandemic, and digital experiences are maintained. At the same time, during 2020 the fiber business for hospitals grew by up to 40%.

The private health industry agrees that video call consultations are here to stay, especially for chronic patients who need to renew medication, or for routine check-ups that do not require an in-person doctor-patient appointment. As Daniel Luna, CIO of the Italian Hospital states, the question now is how to get it to be installed as usual practice: It is necessary to generate models so that it is effective even outside the pandemic, so that digital experiences are maintained".

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Argentina · Operators05/01/2021

Catel's CDN is paying itself off in savings and quality of service for 30 cooperatives

In 2017, the content distribution project (CDN) of the Chamber of Telecommunications Cooperatives (Catel, in Spanish) was born, by the hand of Telviso, and as of mid-2019, it was consolidated with the Cooperativa Eléctrica de Luján, which added its own associates. The initiative allowed cooperatives in Argentina to achieve a significant reduction in the wholesale cost of the Internet.

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones14/12/2020

Argentine State focuses investments on interconnecting provincial cities in stage 2 and 3 of the Refefo

The funds will come from multilateral organizations and from the Universal Service for a 3-year work plan.

Brasil · Fixed Broadband · Operators03/12/2020

Operators seek business models for their future neutral networks

The constant growth of the fixed broadband market leads large companies to look for alternatives to achieve greater economic efficiency in the use of their infrastructure.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Operators09/11/2020

The new normal for SMEs and cooperatives began with the pandemic

Among the challenges that 2020 brought to these companies in Argentina, we can highlight an increase in total internet traffic, a rise of an average of 40% in upload traffic, devaluation, the need to charge online, transportation and logistics of equipment, and more recently, the unforeseen DNU 690.

Regional · Terrestrial Backbones · Operators02/10/2020

BT completes sale of its operations and infrastructure in 16 countries to CIH Telecommunications Americas

It includes 650 km fiber networks, 2,000 km of leased fiber optic lines, four data centers and five telecommunications ports. On the other hand, BT is licensed to provide satellite services in 11 countries.  

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