Tuesday, January 11, 2022

SMEs transition through the change in audiovisual offer from multiscreen to multiplatform

The idea that the consumption of OTTs is replacing premium subscription predominates. In addition to the multiplatform proposals linked to operator associations -the CABASE, Sensa and Dibox Go-, add alternatives with a focus on multi-devices and VOD.

The direct reach to the consumer by large content producers such as WarnerMedia (HBO), Disney, ViacomCBS (Paramount + and Pluto TV), among others, redefines the roles in the value chain for all sizes of providers. In the case of cooperatives and SMEs in Argentina, the traditional role coexists - to be a sine qua non ally so that, through cable subscription, audiovisual content reaches homes - with the challenge of disintermediation, meaning, that each signal seeks to reach the consumer directly with different approaches. For example, WarnerMedia prefers direct contracting than going through the operator.

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Argentina · Internet & OTT · Operators04/01/2022

Catel's CDN expands with new transport providers and peering services

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) scheme designed by the Cámara de Cooperativas de Telecomunicaciones (Catel) (Chamber of Telecommunications Cooperatives) reaches its four years with fewer cooperatives than desired, but with two growth aspects: on the one hand, considering Arsat delays in deliveries of LAN to LAN links, several cooperatives are joining together through private carriers; on the other hand, Catel is preparing a peering product - an access of multiple "farms" of content providers - to make available to its associates in the coming months.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Terrestrial Backbones14/12/2021

The "San Luis a 1000" program to bring FTTH and high speed to the entire population of the province

It will reach isolated populations and neighborhoods, as well as productive units through a US$ 4 million investment. FTTH will provide speeds of 1,000 Mbps. The goal is to have 100% coverage by 2023.

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones30/11/2021

Plan of the province of Córdoba to achieve 100% connectivity by 2022

Córdoba Connectivity Agency advances with starting up a 96-node program in December. Another 331 nodes will start up next year.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Operators19/11/2021

Movistar + Sion, portrait of a change of era

The disruption of the initiative for Tierra del Fuego, Chubut and Santa Cruz is based on the fact that there is only one case of disaggregation of HFC networks, in Belgium, and it was implemented by a regulatory obligation, as a result of a merger. "The novelty here is that it is voluntary between the parties," said Luis Delamer, Movistar's Wholesale Director of Hispam, to Convergencialatina.

Globales · Operators04/11/2021

Telefónica has record profits and confirms that it wants to reduce its exposure in Latin America

The company had revenues 11% lower than a year ago due to divestitures and mergers. Regarding the region, it aims to "crystallize" the value of its assets and increase debt in local currency. Hispam contributed 19% of the income.

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