Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Neutral networks enable the growth of small providers

Current economic constraints and high interest rates lead ISPs to rely on neutral networks to support their growth through greater coverage and better technology. But there is a doubt to overcome: the distrust in the fulfillment of the contracts of equal treatment to all the operators.

The transformation of the Brazilian telecommunications market in recent years, with a growing participation of the thousands of ISPs in the broadband market, also gave rise to the entry of neutral network companies as one of the solutions for growth or survival of these small providers.

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Argentina · Fixed Broadband21/10/2022

Municipalities join neutral network scheme

Districts promote the deployment of a single fiber network in main cities and surrounding towns. In addition to FTTH, use in smart city applications and connectivity for public schools is foreseen. These deployments compete with services with lower benefits such as ADSL. The business model allows the network builder to make the delivery and the ISP to lease the infrastructure.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband18/10/2022

Migration to FTTH continues, even under a complex situation

As of June 2022, there were about 2.5 million FTTH accesses in Argentina, with 22% of total broadband subscriptions. The year-on-year growth rate is 40%. The cable modem continues to dominate the scene, with 6 million connections. But the overlay of fiber optic networks on the HFC coverage area strongly appears.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband18/10/2022

Gigared bets on FTTH overlay over HFC and greater coverage in City of Buenos Aires

The firm's expansion plan goe s to 2024, overlaying fiber on the previous footsteps. In the operations it acquired, it faced a direct migration from HFC to FTTH.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband18/10/2022

Iplan expands its fiber coverage area to Tucumán and the north of Greater Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires suburbs, it will be probably continued towards the North and West zones. In addition, it aims to promote a marketplace in Iplan client area, with OTTs or alarms benefits.

Caribe · Submarine Cables10/10/2022

Deep Blue One submarine cable, a partnership model with different overtones for Digicel and Orange

It is scheduled to come into operation in the Caribbean, by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. It will also be interconnected with Orange's Kanawa cable and Digicel's SCF. Peter Hobbs, director of Grupo Digicel for International Business and Wholesale, gave Convergencialatina details of the project.

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