Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Mobile operators to conquer the Smart Cities business with NB-IoT

Up until now, with 2G, 3G or 4G, large-scale projects of IoT for Smart Cities were not entirely viable: the cost of the device (from US$ 15 to US$ 20 for 2G) and the life of the batteries were the main barriers. With NB-IoT deployments of Telefónica (the first to launch the network, in 2019), Claro (was added in mid-2020) and Telecom (is in final tests, with a debut scheduled for the second quarter), they can offer US$ 5 devices for a mass deployment at US$ 8 per unit.

Smart city projects come from a year in which they were not a priority. Municipalitas, provincial governments and the nation, for obvious reasons privileged the health and recovery of the local economy. Since the beginning of 2021, there has been a renewed interest in automating and sensorizing drains, lighting, traffic lights, waste collection, security and other public services, not only because the new normal allows to restart stagnant initiatives, but also because of the activation of NB networks -IoT of the three mobile operators nationwide.

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Regional · Mobile · Regulation · Spectrum18/03/2021

5G auctions began in Latin America and Chile is already setting a trend after having a historic collection

Latin America is committed to structuring very different tenders from the previous ones, with conditions of all kinds: interference with other services (as in Brazil in 3.5 GHz with the satellite industry), operators that already have frequencies in 5G bands and can immediately go out to commercialize these services (in Peru, for example) or political guidelines with their own weight (especially in Brazil, with Jair Bolsonaro as the undisputed protagonist of the auction design).

Argentina · Operators12/03/2021

Telecom lost 499,000 mobile customers in 2020, but added 26,000 of cable TV and 23,000 of broadband

Consolidated sales for 2020 were for US$3.323 billion, surpassing those of 2019 by 6.5%. In particular, sales of services reached US$3.219 billion, 6.3% less than those of the previous cycle.

Colombia · Mobile · Operators26/02/2021

Chris Bannister: "The Colombian market is not ready for 5G "

The CEO of the Novator Partners subsidiary has been in the business of establishing mobile businesses for 25 years. Colombia is the 11th market where it lands, after the successful case of WOM in Chile. The firm has already hired 1,535 employees and anticipates investments of US$ 1 billion in the next five years. "In 12 to 18 months, Colombia will have a competitive market due to the entry of WOM," he said.

Globales · Operators25/02/2021

Telefónica increased net profit by 38.5% in 2020 and managed to reduce debt by €2.516 billion

Revenues amounted to € 43.076 billion, 11% less than in 2019 due to currency devaluation and Covid-19. The pandemic had an impact on revenues of €1.905 billion last years: Hispam takes the worst share among Telefónica's operating markets, with an impact of €670 million. Thanks to the cash generation (€4.794 billion), Telefónica's net financial debt contracted and totaled €35.228 billion. Regarding the destination of Hispam, in the presentation of results, reference was made to a “gradual reduction of exposure to Hispam” and was announced that the portfolio in the region is being reviewed.

Argentina · Internet & OTT23/02/2021

In e-commerce, remote validation and push to be the main payment technologies for 2021

The shift in consumer habits towards digital led to e-commerce billing 106% more from January to June 2020 compared to last year. The acceleration of the segment leaves payment gateways and financial service providers at the crossroads between the need to provide greater security when buying online and user comfort.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-04-2021

Argentina · Software and Applications 20/04/2021

Ramón Carrillo digital hospital of San Luis inaugurated

Regional · Submarine Cables 20/04/2021

Telxius to provide new subsea capacity through Tannat cable

Brasil · Mobile · Voice Services 20/04/2021

In 2020, mobile data revenues tripled those of voice service

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