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A DIARIO LATINO 22-06-2021

Satellite Map Day, 24 jun 2021, 10 AM ART - 8AM CDT


Argentina · Pay TV · Internet & OTT

The break between the network and content

Pure OTT allows the operator to have an independent product to sell not only to the end user but also to ISPs that do not have their own TV services. DirectvGo is so far the only one of this category available in Argentina, although Telefónica is expected to launch a similar strategy soon with Movistar Play. However, it still has to motivate the use of the platforms and alliances with international production companies, which seems to be the most effective way.

Argentina · Software and Applications

Agtech, fertile ground for next Argentine unicorns

Regional · Satellites

Hughes' pathway to reach 400,000 satellite broadband subscribers in Latin America

It reached this figure in a period of three years, according to Hugo Frega, director and senior of International Systems of the company. The speaker will participate in the Satellite Map Day 2021, organized by Convergencialatina, on June 24.

Telefònica en el Satellite Map Day, 24 JUNIO 2021, 10 AM ART
Hughes en el Satellite Map Day, 24 JUNIO 2021, 10 AM ART
Eutelsat en Andina Link Virtual - Stand 6