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A DIARIO LATINO 09-03-2021

Red Hat


Argentina · Regulation · Politics

A 2021 under new rules of the game

For the upcoming months, intense activity is expected in relation to the passive infrastructure sharing regulation, the general one for pay television services through physical and/or radio and satellite link, and a single access simplification system in which the Secretary of Public Innovation works to accelerate deployments at the municipal level.

Brasil · Mobile · Politics · Spectrum

The victory of politics over technology

The tender specifications for the 5G spectrum tender clearly show how political needs of the Bolsonaro government prevailed over technological reasons.

Argentina · Pay TV

ESPN-FOX merger would anticipate the sports OTT business

If the Secretary of Commerce approves the merger, Disney would monopolize 7 of the 9 sports channels in the country. This concentration would promote the creation of more on demand platforms to bypass cable operators: a pay TV subscription will no longer be enough to watch sports.

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